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I was wondering the same until the day I found this really cool website I was shocked to discover its features as they were simply incredible. In order to find people searching for meall I had to do was to create an account on the site and within few simple steps of getting log in I actually started receiving alerts to know "who search me"online. Go for it site has been intelligently designed as one can also seek for lost people for free.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-11 12:30:12
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Q: How do you know if someone is looking for you on the Internet?
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Answer Usually you can if you know their first and last name. Try the telephone book and if that doesn't work, try the internet.

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How do you find out who's looking you up on the internet?

It is nearly impossible to find out who someone is looking up on the internet. There are sites that can supposedly alert a person if they are being searched for, but these are not at all reliable.

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