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How do you know if someone still has a crush on you?

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If he acts the same way he did when he liked you

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How do you know if you still have a crush on someone if you never see them?

you will know if you have a crush on someone. You will think about them all the time and when your around them you'll get strange feelings.

Can you love someone you don't really know or is it just a crush?

it is a crush. But if you know them it is loving them. Just because you have a crush you caan still kiss her/he or you can ask themout with you so then they will like you more.

How do you know when someone have crush on you?

How do you know if someone fancys you?

How can you let someone know you have a crush on them?

When you have a crush the whole deal is to not tell them if you want to let someone know than you don't have a crush on them

How do you know if a guy friend for years who has had a crush on you still does have a crush on you?

If that person is dating someone they may just be trying to get you jealous. If he really did have true feelings for you he still likes you. You will know if he still likes you or not. Its a natural thing. Lets hope he does!

How can you get a crush on someone?

A crush develops when you may see someone you like, meet someone but don't know them or know them but is an object of our infatuation.

How do you know someone Loves you even if they say it is just a crush?

Having a crush basicly means u love them

Do you have a crush on someone i do?

impress them or get to know them

If you have crush to someone but he has no idea that you have crush on him what will you do to let that guy know that you have a crush on him?

Take your shirt off with him.

how do u know someone has a crush on u?

Ask them if they do or not.

Does crush mean love?

No. Many young people think it does, but a crush is not love. It is liking someone a whole lot. You can have a "crush" and not know the person, but to really love someone you need to know them.

What does it mean when you feel like you have a crush on someone but don't know who Is it a crush at all?

It sounds like something other than a crush. If you had a crush on someone, you'd know exactly! who it was. There are lots of emotions it could be: perhaps anxiety or depression.

How will you know if someone has a crush on you?

they will look at u a lot

What does it mean if your guy friend is so eager to know your crush?

it might be he wants to know if you like someone or you might have a crush on him

How do you know that someone have a crush on you?

If he looks at you alot always wants to talk you hes got a crush on you

Who has a crush on me?

No one can know for sure who has a crush on you, but hopefully it is someone you like too.

How do you know you had a crush?

you know that you have had a crush or have a crush at the moment if you think about that special someone frequently. think about it, does his name immediately come to mind when one of your friends asks you who you like?

How do i know that i have a crush?

You will be in love with someone if you have a crush on them.

Does temari have a crush on Shikamaru?

For a person to know if Temari has a crush on Shikamaru it is important for them to know what movie, television show, or book these people are from. Without knowing this it is not really possible for someone to know if they have a crush on them or not.

What do you say to someone who you have a crush on but you don't know if they have a crush on you?

Just leave and think of something at home or at your desk

Is it okay to have someone tell your crush you like him?

if its okay with you having your crush know you like them than yes.

What does it mean to have a crush on someone?

It could be an infatuation or just a general interest. You don't even have to know the person to have a crush on someone. I had a crush on the girl from Boy Meets World, and she doesn't have a clue who I am...

Does your crush like someone else?

Well you won't know until you ask and seriously your crush is a crush cause you haven't told them about what you feel about them. Until you don't tell them, how are you going to know weather they are single or have any feelings for someone else. The least you can do is move on if they really do have feelings for someone.

How do you know if a shy guy has a huge crush on you?

if he is still shy to me

How to know when someone you don't know has a crush on you?

if thay flirt with you and treat you better then other girls