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How do you know if the berry is rare on diamond?


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Eeach type of Berry is numbered, the higher the number the rarer the Berry.


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The Salac Berry is a rare berry in Pokemon Diamond. It can only be obtained from distribution events that had legendary Pokemon holding them. These events are no longer being ran or support for Pokemon Diamond.

I'm not sure if I'm correct but I think that the sourest berry in Pokèmon diamond is the belue berry

In Pokemon Diamond, the berry shop is in Floaroma Town.

um i think you get it in route 206 but i dont know exactly

Starf berry is the most rarest berry,

Hozy BerryA really rare berry that increases a Pokemon's Happiness.

You can get rare candies by putting Shuckle first in you party(walk with it) At first when you get Shuckle from a guy in Cainwood city,it will be holding berry juice when you walk the berry juice'll become hard and turn into a rare candy! Latter you can give shuckle other berries(I don't know what kind) and walk with it so that it will turn to berry juice and latter a rare candy!

Go to the hiking girl south-west of pastoria or the Berry Master west of Hearthome and they will eventually give you one if you keep going back each day. >>> the berry master and the lady in floaroma can give you it, but its a rare chance.

you get it from the berry master on route 208

Unfortunately, there is no Berry Master's wife in Diamond or Pearl. Oh well!

I know there is one on Pearl/diamond, but i don't think so for leafgreen/firered. :)

corrn berry, magost berry, nomel berry, rabuta berry, belue berry, durin berry, pamtre berry, spelon berry, and watmel berry but they are very rare

You can only get the petaya berry in Pokemon Colosseum, so the only way to get it on diamond is cheating or migrating.

A winkle berry is a rare type of berry with a winkle type shape found on mount everest.

Get the berry app on your Poketech by vusiting the Poketech lab in Jubelife City

It is oran berry Your half right it's is a oran berry, chesto berry and a wiki berry. That all I know so far because I was trying to evolve my feebas into a milotic. └Also the Micle berry promotes Beauty and Cuteness┘

in diamond you can give them a certain berry and they will like you more (that is, if you can find the berry).

I would say its the Chesto Berry. Hope that helps

I think its..... oh shoot, I don't know.

The berry master is just west of Hearthrome city. Unfortunately there is no berry master's wife in the game.

No, diamond is relatively rare.

Berry Master or hiking girl South west of Pastoria.

you can use a full heal, a prisim berry or a lum berry

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