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He could be shy. You should try making the first move. Ask him to a movie or dinner, or something. One of my boyfriends never called me at first, I had to make the first move we went ice skating( I didn't know how to ice skate so I asked him if he could teach me, didn't make it like a date, just as friends now we are married =)

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How can you tell my crush likes me?

He stares at you all the time (if you are not sure about this get you friends to see if he stares at you)He tries to find out info about youHe looks at your photo on the school registerHe blushes when you talk to himHe makes an excuse to talk to youHe teases you but nicelyHe likes to see you smileHe swears and makes jokes, and when he does he looks at youIn a crowd he looks for youTHIS IS HELPFUL INFO. AS MY CRUSH DOES ALL THIS TOO ME. I AM DEFINITE HE LIKES ME. HOPE THIS HELPS FOR YOU.

What does that mean if the guy you like looks for you in a crowd and looks at you?

That he wants to "get to know you better."

How does Philip react to Rosemary's guest in the novel A Cup of Tea?

He considers smith as an object, but he calls her pretty. - but not to make rosemary jealous

what if a boy likes to hang out with you and he looks at you in class what is that sign is that the sign that he likes you.?

What does that mean if the outgoing guy you like always finds you in a crowd but only looks at you and doesn't talk to you when he can easily talk to anyone?

It means he likes you and wants you to make "the first move"

How do you know if your crush likes you or really likes you?

The way he looks at you. If he looks at you with big dimples, but serious, and cute, and especially a big smile, he likes you.

She looks at me but looks away when I look back?

she likes you.

If a guy looks at you does it mean he likes you?

Depends on how he looks at you.

If you fell in love with a girl but she stares at you does this mean she likes me back?

Depending how she looks at you. And if she looks at you dreamly then she likes you.

How do you know if a guy just likes you for looks?

Ask him his favorite thing about you. I also love this quote: "If a guy calls you hot, he's looking at your body. If a guy calls you pretty, he's looking at your face. But, if a guy calls you beautiful, he's looking at the heart." I agree that's such a sweet answer

Show you a hexagon looks likes?

IT LOOKs like a bottle

Give me some good and CLEAN signs that a guy likes you?

if he calls you by ur name a lot smiles at you a lot looks at u a lot seems to always be around the end

What does it mean if you turn around and you catch a guy looking at you and he looks away dead quick?

he likes you It means he likes what he sees. If you like him, give him your number, if you don't, slap him.

How do you know if a guy likes your best friend?

Does he talk bout her , does he look at her and when she looks back he looks away...If so he likes her

What are signs that guy likes you?

The most common and obvious and easiest to tell sign is he looks at you a lot. If he looks at you a lot, he likes you. Or he's really mad at you. But he probably likes you.

What are the obvious signs that a boy likes you?

He says sweet things to you. He will hang out with you even around his friends. He gives you compliments. He calls you cute pet names. He looks at you in a different way than he looks at the rest of the world. Just little signs like that.

How can you tell if a girl likes you or not?

she looks at you

If a guy looks at you then when you look at him he looks away and he looks again does it mean he likes you?

Most likely

If a boy looks at you does it mean that he likes you?

If a boy looks at you it usally means he thinks you are cute, and if he thinks you are cute most likely he likes you.

What does it mean if a boy says he likes you a while ago and you like him but don't know how to admit it then he has a bunch of girlfriends with similar names and looks to yours and calls you names?

He probably likes you! He was just trying to make you jealous by dating all those other girls!

How can you find out if this guy truly likes you?

ask him if he likes another girl and if he hesitates and looks at you weird he likes you

Will Naruto find out that Hinata likes him?

Actualy yes Hinata helps naruto in the fight with pain and calls herself selfish he looks puzzled and she says shes helping naruto risking her own life because she loves him and naruto looks shocked to hear that

What are the signs that a girl friend likes you?

She looks at you in a special way and likes to touch you.

How do you know he likes or wants you?

as a guy i say that when he looks at you and talks to you alot he likes you....

How can you be sure that he likes you?

If he constantly looks at you or is always near to you then that's when you know he likes you.