How do you know if you're still in love with your boyfriend?

If you're asking this question, the answer is probably no and you are having a hard time admitting it. Does he still make you tingle ?
When your not with him, and you think of you still tingle or just smile
Do you crave his attention, do you think about all the things you did when you were going out and wish you never broke up, do you still dream about him
Why not ask yourself this question: Can you see yourself growing old together? Everybody is different and only you will truly know how you feel.
Do you still want him ?
if you do then you know what you have to do tell him how you fell and see if you can go out again.
Also pretend that someone is with him would that make you jealous or mad even. Fell deep in your heart if you still want him or not just think of all the good times and mabey even bad moments you have had, just i like this guy or no. Can i still love him or shouldn't i