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Read your question again: you feel happy when they are happy and smile when they do. You may be in love or just a very good friend.

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Q: How do you know if you are in love with someone if you always smile when they do and are always happy when you see them happy?
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How do you know when someone is happy to see you?

Well think about it, how do you act when your happy to see someone you smile, if it's someone you love you can't butterflies the little things you know :]

How do you know you is in love?

you know you are in love if -when you see him/her you get happy -you always are wanting to talk to them or be with them -you smile alot when your with them -they make you really happy -you flirt without knowing you did -you think about them alot

How do you know if your turtle is happy?

he has a smile

How would you know if someone is in love with you?

when that someone tries her/his best to always cheer you up. Trying to always be with you. Trying to know you and you knowing her/him. Always blushes and sometimes just say random sweet things to you. Always smile at you.

How do you know if your puppy is happy?

It will wag its tail and smile

What is the difference between a nervous smile and an excited smile?

a nervous smile can mean they don't know what to do or say next. an excited smile can mean that their really happy or just happy to be around you... or many other things..


Happy! smile evryon

Best things to say to a guy?

Your eyes sparkle! I love you smile, it brightens up my day! You always know how to make me smile. Only you make so happy. You are defiantly the one! Hope this helps! :)

How do you know when someone is thinking about you?

when they smile and stare

How can you tell you have a crush on someone?

You know you have a crush on someone when (1. Your heart flutters when you see them. (2. You smile when you think about them. (3. You are always texting, calling, or talking to them. I hope this helped you.Other answers are you always look at themYou always notice them

What happens when you are so happy but you cannot let him know?

Smile mysteriously.

What do you say back to someone who wishes you a happy birthday?

When someone takes the time out of their day to wish you a happy birthday, you should look them right in the eye, smile and tell them "thank you." Should they keep the conversation going and ask what you're doing for your birthday or want to know how old you are, always ensure that you do not ignore anything they ask as they are genuinely interested in your day of birth.

How can you know that your partner loves you?

If they go out of their way to make you happy and make you smile. If they say that they love you. Ask them. If you can't tell that someone loves you, simply asking them could be your answer.

Does a girl like you if she looks at you without an expression?

Um, not always but you never know. When i look at someone i like i tend to smile or just look away.

If a guy told you he likes you how do you let him know that you appreciate that?

Simply smile and let him know that it makes you happy that he likes you.

How do you know that a guys friends knows he likes you?

He will always look or smile at you

Can you change the world?

Smile at someone you do not know. Then that person would smile at another person. And form 1 smile to 10 smiles and to 100,000 smiles.

What do you say to someone if they smile when someone insults you?

I wouldn't say anything to them, but I would know that they are not my friend.

How do you know if you like someone-?

if you have feelings for someone and you smile to see him/her. his/her presence makes you feel special.

How do you know you like some one?

If you smile when you are speaking about them to someone else.

How do you really know someone?

I personally think you really know someone when you know things about them that the next person doesn't, such as things that make them smile or cringe.

How do you know if you are gay in the happy way?

How will you know the girl someone love likes you back?

The girl would always smile and blush when you're around her. She would text back quickly and other signs (:

If you are a bisexual boy how do you know if a girl likes you?

If someone likes you they will spend time with you, laugh at your jokes, smile with you, talk to you, look at you when they could be doing something else. It doesn't matter who you are, you can always tell if someone likes you.

How do you know if a guy still into you?

If a guy is still into you, he would smile at you always and always be nice. He would do anything for you and always be at your side if you need him.