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How do you know if you are ready to move out?

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it has alot to do with age. you must be economically stable and i dont mean being able to buy close and pay a cell phone bill,without going broke there are alot more things you have to worry about like insurance, rent, water, sewer, and auto bills not including other nessesities you might have in the future. the best thing to do is ask someone like a parent or uncle that have their own place. they will let you know what expenses your gonna have.But moving out means not having mommy and daddy to cook and clean after you. trust me that hardest part is that emotional one.

2006-07-19 21:34:36
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When u started to like someone... what if she/he is still in love with an ex...............

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If a guy just got out of a long term relationship how do you know when he is ready to date?

If he stops talking about the other person then he might be ready to move on. Just give him some time, he will be ready sooner or later.

What do you do when you like a guy but he is not ready?

honistly you don't know how long this guy can take to get "ready" it could take forever! move on and dont waste your time there are soo many guys out there and one is "ready" for you now

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Ready for what?

What if the girl says that she doesn't have the same feeling anymore but when she is ready she will let you know?

Move along and find someone else.

Can you move in with your boyfriend at 18?

If you are ready.

When is good to move with your boyfriend?

when you think you know him well, when you fell he loves you alot, when you think you ready to change your life because when you move in with your love one everthing changes trust me.....

How do you know if your ready for a relationship?

if You're ready for a ...

How do you know when you are done dating?

the way you know when your done dating is when you have done all the going on dates and hanging out kissing and the rest....and when you feel like your ready to do more and move on and try new things with the guy you are dating and your ready to take the next step..

What are the release dates for Get It Sold - 2007 Ready to Move?

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Why does your ex doesn't want you anymore you know he still loves you but he claims that he has a girlfriend already?

He obviously has his reasons and is ready to move on from you. I realize this may be hard for you but you are going to have to accept this and move forward.

When should you move in with your girlfriend?

When both of you are ready.

What is another word for on the move?


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If you are in the friend zone with someone, and want to move further with your relationship, there are things you can do to move past that. You should talk to the other person, so you know how they feel about you, and if they are ready to have a serious relationship with you.

What do you when you're worried about your first kiss?

you don't panic. if your not ready to kiss tell her date that. if you are ready then go for it just if you get uncomfortable then stop the kiss and move on. if you don't know how to kiss then practice on something like a mirror.

How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to kiss you?

If he was ready to kiss you then he would.

How do you know if you are ready to be a parent?

You're never ready to be a parent...

How do I know if he's ready to be intimate?

men are always ready