How do you know if you have an original Louis vuitton bag?

The stitching should be straight, the logos should be not to close together, the materials of the inside should be smooth and feel like quality, and look if the zippers gold or silver plating is flaking and is scratched off. Its all about close attention to detail and the feel and look of the fabrics. But always remember to not purchase it off the internet, but if you do be sure to take it in to the Louis vuitton boutique to be verified.But if you don't like that sort of fuss go buy it at a high end Louis vuitton store or designer boutique. (Remember Louis vuitton comes in many different collections, so don't just think some bags are random fakes. But if theirs no lv logos on the bag and clovers and hearts to replace the lv flowers etc. then its obviously fake.

I must edit this to state that Louis Vuitton boutiques do not authenticate anything that was not purchased directly from them or through an authorized retailer like eluxury, nemians, etc. You can purchase online, you just must educate yourself on what fake and real bags look like. Join some forums that are directly devoted to designer accessories and you will get much more help in authenticating any future online purchases.