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Well i believe every guy is different for example my boyfriend is different hes not one of those guys that's truly opened to his feelings but certain ways your able to tell even if its the lil stuff like a walk home i alwayz say one walk home is another step to something much more or even possibly love but hey know one reallie knows but the truth of the matter is you will no when the time is right :)
Ask him

If he says no dump him

But if he says yes

Go to bed


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she will flirt, and act wierd around you Seems to me it's more important to know if your boyfriend likes the waitress.

if he likes your smile he will smile back :D

She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

First, decide whether you like him more than your boyfriend. Then, find out if he likes you back. Then decide if you are going to leave your boyfriend.

Stick to you boyfriend cause you know him better and he knows better

Know what he likes before you get him somethig

you ask him if he Like likes you

At least you know she likes him. I would try to keep them separated. Hopefully you trust your boyfriend. Hopefully he wouldn't be tempted to cheat on you.

If your boyfriend likes your best friend he is always around her, and only is around you when your with her/him. If he asks "Is Alice there?" And you say no and he doesn't come.. Or if you say yes and he does.. Then, you know he likes her.

Meet her and Get to Know her well!(Out of Hope) She likes you.

it depends on how much he is around you. And whoever his is thinking about when he is with you.

a way to know if he likes another girl is if he keeps looking at her and smiling also if he talks about her with his friends.

If he's your boyfriend he likes you back if he isn't then ask him out the worst that could happen is he'll say no trust me you'll regret it if you don't

you don't have to give him anything, but he would like it if you did but I don't know your boyfriend so I don't know what he likes.

Talk to him. That is really all that you can do.

if he is always around you and jokes around

If he talks about her regularly. Also if he is always around her.

I have a boyfriend and I obvi know that he likes me. If your dating he should be - flirting - doing anything for you - listen to you - care about you My boyfriend skateboards and he broke his arm trying to land a trick on a pyramid, I hope this helped a little bit.

There's a way to know if your boyfriend likes someone else.... You will find a change in him, he's gonna act different, paying less attention on you and by not wanting to be with you that much as you guys used to.

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