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How do you know if your current girlfriend is marriage material?

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The same way she will know if you are marriage material. ALL marriages are a risk just as all relationships are, but if we don't gauge things and take the odd risk we chance highly missing out on some wonderful things in life. If your girlfriend has a good personality, kind, generous (to a point), loyal (loves you for who you are and never cheated on you) loved by her family and friends, and treats you well consider yourself lucky. Remember this all through your life ... we don't know ourselves 100% so we can't be expected to know others 100%. Take the chance! Marriage is not based on taking a risk. This is something you want to be sure about. It is not a game nor is it a gamble on your part or her part. Make sure you know your mate as well as you can. That comes with time because if she is not marriage material it will come out in time. Be very cautious about individuals who are in a hurry to marry. There might be a hidden agenda. You may want to consider things like her/his credit. When was the last time the individual had an hiv test. These are not things you would want to take a risk and find out later after marriage. Does the individual have any warrants? Can they hold down a stable job? Are there any liens against them? These are things you should know prior to marriage. Marriage is not only based on the personality traits of an individual especially if you are planning to be with this person for the rest of your life.

2006-09-04 07:31:53
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Q: How do you know if your current girlfriend is marriage material?
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