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How do you know if your dwarf hamster has a cold?

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if its sneezing and green discharge coming from eyes and nose

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How do you know if you have a dwarf hamster or a regular hamster?

The Dwarf Hamster would be smaller than a regular hamster because of the "dwarf" part in it. Unless the regular hamster were to be a runt.

Why does your dwarf hamster tremble?

it is either cold or it is scared of something.

Is a gray dwarf hamster faster then a albino hamster?

It depends on the hamster, so i dont know.

How do you know when your dwarf hamster is sick?

Well, I once had a hamster that I think died of namonia

Can a robo dwarf hamster breed with a roborovski hamster?

A robo dwarf hamster is a roborovski hamster which is a dwarf hamster so yes.

How many hamster breeds are there?

There are many breeds of hamster, but the ones kept as pets are: Syrian hamster, Winter White Dwarf hamster, Campbell's Dwarf hamster, Roborovski Dwarf hamster, and Chinese hamster.

How many types of hamsters in the world are there?

There are nineteen types of hamsters in the world: The Mongolian Hamster Eversmann's Hamster Gansu Hamster Tibetan Dwarf Hamster Chinese Striped Hamster Chinese Hamster Kam Dwarf Hamster Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster Gray Dwarf Hamster Sokolov's Dwarf Hamster European Hamster Golden or Syrian hamster Turkish Hamster Romanian Hamster Ciscaucasian Hamster Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster Desert hamster Winter White Russian hamsters Greater Long-tailed Hamster

What does it mean if a hamster changes color?

Your hamster is probably a russian winter white dwarf, they change color when it's cold.

What are all the species of hamster?

There is lots like, Syrian, Chinese dwarf hamster, Campbells dwarf hamster, Robo dwarf hamster, Russian hamster. My favorite, is the blueberry campbells dwarf hamster and the Syrian hamster. They are the sweetest and easy to hold. NOT THE ROBO"S!!!

How much do dwarf hamsters weigh up to?

about big will a dwarf hamster grow about big will a dwarf hamster grow about big will a dwarf hamster grow

How tall is a dwarf hamster?

A dwarf hamster is about 5 inches.

What is the difference between a dwarf hamster and a Chinese dwarf hamster?

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Can a Chinese dwarf hamster be with a younger Chinese dwarf hamster?


Is a rotastak hamster a dwarf hamster?

there is no such thing but if you mean a roborovski hamster yes its a dwarf

How do you know if your dwarf hamster is going to have babies?

If it is notably bigger.

How do you know if your dwarf hamster is a girl or boy?

check priv

How many teeth does a dwarf hamster have in what dentition pattern?

my hamster i think they are dwarf because i know that dwarf hamster are like 3 to 5 inches.. So their teeth are like rabbits but little,my hamster has short at the front up teeth and long at the front down teeth, and color yellow and this is not my hamster..

What is the difference between a fancy dwarf hamster and a Russian dwarf hamster?

There is no difference. Pet shops give them fancy names to make them sound special/exclusive, it makes people pay more. There are 3 kinds of dwarf hamster. Roborovski dwarf Winter white Russian Campbell There is also a Chinese Dwarf Hamster but they are not a true dwarf hamster (genetically speaking) I'd advise you to go to a hamster breeder, they know more what they are doing, or even better, a rescue. Good luck.

How do you know if your dwarf hamster has mites?

If your dwarf hamster has signs of hair loss lots or itching and green hammy manure then these signs may be theresult of mites

Is there such thing of a dwarf guinea pig?

Well I thought a hamster was a darwf hamster . I have a guniea pig do not know.

Can a dwarf hamster live outside?

In their natural habitat, dwarf hamsters did and do live outside. But, they have burrows underground, and therefore, heat can stay and keep a hamster warm. It is most definentley unadvisable to keep a dwarf hamster outside. It would most likely die of heat or cold issues.

What is the food chain for the dwarf hamster?

dwarf hamster eat sunflower seeds Snake eats dwarf hamster hawk eats snake

Is a teddy bear hamster a dwarf?

no, a teddy bear hamster is not a dwarf. a teddy bear hamster is a syrian.

What hamsters can live with a dwarf hamster?

Dwarf hamsters can live with their own species of Dwarf Hamsters. Never put a Dwarf Hamster and Syrian Hamster together because the Syrian would attack the Dwarf.

How do you know is a dwarf hamster is pregnant?

They get really round and they look fat.