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Well, you could touch him, but that's not reccomended. Most likely your fish it dead, or sleeping. I've never heard of a fish playing dead.

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If your fish looks "dead" but is not, it is probably asleep. If it is floating at the top of your tank, it is either dead or dying.

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Q: How do you know if your fish is dead or just playing dead?
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How do you know if a puffer fish is dead?

It will usually stop moving, and sometimes just float at the service.

What fish species eat dead fish?

Most species eat other dead fish. My platys, blue gouramis, and glofish all try to eat dead fish or at least peck at them. Lionfish eat smaller live or dead fish, I know for sure.

How do you know if a Siamese Fighting Fish is dead?

When it is floating not swimming.

how do u know when ur fish is dead?

when they are floating on the water

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The only fish species that i know of that lives out of water is the dead kind.

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How do you know whether the goldfish is dead or sleeping in aquarium?

Well yes that is a hard thing to find out because fish don't have eyelids but if a goldfish is upside down or sideways or just sinks to the bottom its dead but if it just pausesit just means its taking a little snooze!

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i dont know maybe

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Who do you know when a betta fish ia dead?

The white fins wont be moving and they will be at the bottom of the tank