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How do you know if your puppy has a fever?

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The best way to tell if a puppy has a fever is to take its temperature with a rectal thermometer. A normal temperature can range from 100-102F or so. Anything over 103F and you should definitely call your vet.

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How do you know if puppy has fever?

It it`s hot and if it is sick and if you cuss me out i`ll say something back!!!!!!:):)

Can you give a puppy aspirin for a fever?

do NOT do that.

Why is your puppy panting rapidly and have a fever and what home remedy do you do?

The puppy may be pregnat or sick

What to give your puppy for a fever?

give it medicine that is vet recomended

How do you know if your puppy has fleas?

Usually the dog/puppy will be constantly itching himself.

How do you know if your puppy is a Jack Russell?

if your jack russell is 2 years its still a puppy but if its 3years and 4years and so on then it is not a puppy!

Is dinky fever deadly?

i don't know get dinky fever and if you die then i guess you can die of dinky fever.

Why is a fever helpful when you are sick?

When you have a fever, you know that your body is fighting the virus.

Can a puppy drink water after surgery?

Your vet will let you know when it is safe for your puppy to eat.

On RuneScape how do you know when the puppy is hungry?

your puppy will bar when it is hungry and they on eat raw meat

Is my puppy dying?

I cannot know.

Can dog run fever while teething?

It is possible that a puppy might have a temperature while teething due to the fact that it can be painful. The normal temperature of a dog is 37.5-39oC. If the temperature remains high for more than a day or 2 then take your puppy to the vets (in case an infection is the cause of the fever).

How long does a puppy have to eat puppy food?

Until they are about a year old. Learn and find all the information you need to know about puppy food

How do you know if your puppy has worms?

All uppies are born with worms so if you have not done this your puppy does have worms

How do you know when your puppy needs to go potty?

when your puppy starts sniffing around or turning in circles

Is it better to get a girl puppy or boy puppy?

umm well thats your choice ya know

When do you know its the last puppy?

When they have stopped coming out!

How do you know when a puppy is pregnant?

It gets fat.

How do you get a puppy to know its name?

Call it by its name

What Are Some Puppy Abuse Solutions?

Why are you or someone you know doing this?Why do you need solutions?If you or some one you know is then just stop,or give the puppy away.

How do you know if your chihuahua has a fever?


What do you call a puppy with the shivers?

A shivering puppy is either extremely nervous, cold or sick.

Why puppy gets seizure?

Take the puppy to a vet. If you have recently bought the puppy, it could have medical problems you don't know about. Without a fuller background to the history of the puppy and where or how it was bred, I can't be more specific.

What is the Treatment of internal body fever?

just take a icecold bath this will help to get fever out after that you know what to do

How can a lady know that she is having fever or pregnant?

Am having constant fever and stomachache but am not sure if am pregnant