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How do you know that it is the alternator if the car starts then does not restart but later starts again?


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Your problem may be due to a bad starter, not an alternator. An old, worn, or damaged starter will give the impression that there is not enough power to turn over the engine or give no responce at all as if the battery is dead. Then after it cools down it may be more willing to start. Give the starter a good tap with a tire iron while someone else turns the key when it won't start. Try your best to be syncronised with the ignition and tapping the starter. If it starts right up you got a bad starter. It may seem like a tap will get you by but it won't work for long.


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It is the alternator. I have a 95 Monte Carlo and this has happened to me twice in the 3 years I've had the car. Each time I had to have the alternator replaced. The first time I had a problem with the alternator I took it to a shop and had it fixed. Two years later the alternator went out again without warning. That time we took it to a different shop and bought a new alternator with a three year warranty so it'll be free if it goes out two years later again.

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Usually that means either, The battery has a dead cell and needs changing, The battery is being over taxed and is experiencing large voltage drops, or the alternator is malfunctioning. The alternator could be charging the battery and then not charging for a long period of time. This will cause the battery to get low pinging the warning light then later shutting off when the alternator starts charging again. There are many auto part stores you can take it to, for a free test of the battery and alternator.

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Don't believe a word AutoZone tells you. My battery died so I went there and they tested my battery and alternator and told me it was the battery. So I bought a new battery and 2 days later, dead again. Went back and they tested again and THIS time, it was the alternator. I went nuts on them and ended up getting both my battery AND alternator for free for their mistake that left me stranded at 12am.

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