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Try turning everything off inside the car, (radio, fans, etc) and turn the ignition to run and not start. For a second or two you should be able to hear a humming of the fuel pump running. You may need an assistant to try and listen closer to the gas tank, as you may not be able to hear it from the drivers seat. Also, if your car is OBD 2 (1996+)then there should be an engine code stating a problem. However, if the problem is sporadic it may not trip a code, and the only way to find out may be to remove and test it.

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What is the code for radio on a 2002 Daewoo lanos?

5624 for mine, but don't know if that will work for yours...

How do you replace and install the heater core on a 2001 Daewoo Lanos or know where it is located?

it is located behind the passenger side dashboard.

Why won't Daewoo Lanos won't fire or fuel pump won't work?

i don't know about the daewoo but most vehicles have a switch "in case of an accident" that turns off the fuel pump. find out where your switch is and make sure it is set "or reset". that should make your pump come on to start the car. may want to check your fuses or not blown also to the pump.

Why is the fuel gauge broke?

Don't know what vehicle you have but it is probably a faulty sending unit in the fuel tank.

Can a faulty fuel sending unit cause check engine to come on?

Not that I know of.

If the timing belt on a 2000 Daewoo Lanos 1.6 breaks will it damage the valves?

Yes If you know that it is broke don't attempt to start it or you cause more harm if harm isn't already caused

How do you know if your fuel pressure regulator for your 1994 mercury villager is faulty?

Pull off the vacuum hose. If there is any gas present in the hose, it's faulty.

Where can you get an auto repair manual for a 1999 lanos Daewoo?

Used from E-bay or a similar site. daewoo is no more as far as I know. Good Luck. Daewoo is a GM company responsible for the Pontiac Lemans in the 80's and the current Chevy Aveo as well as a few Suzuki models. A repair manual might be found at or one of the publishers of auto repair manuals such as Chilton and Haynes.

How can you know the radio code number a 2000 Daewoo Lanos SE?

Search the web. I once found the codes on the web for all the Daewoo radios. You just have to try each one until it works. code on top of radio pull out There also should be a card with the owners manual that would say the code. I have a 2000 Lanos and the code for its radio is 6361. i don't know if they use they same code for all of them but it wouldn't hurt to try I got my Lanos without a manual, and when the battery died I had to guess the code. The good news is that unlike other cars, Lanos' radio doesn't lock if you guess incorrectly. you need to try 6*6*6*6=1296 times at the most. In average it will take you about 30 minutes. My code was 1656, so it wasn't too bad to find it.

How do you replace the camshaft position sensor on a 2001 Daewoo Lanos?

I started by removing the camshaft cover, then I realized the many other parts have to be removed before being able to succesfuly replace the sensor.... I also would like to know the procedure. Thanks

What is the performance on a 1996 Daewoo Celio 1.5il Ac no power steering And what is the capacity of the fuel tank?

dont know what you mean by preformance, but your looking at a top speed of 170km, for the manual daewoos and they have a 50L fuel tank

What is the primary function of a map sensor and how does one know it is faulty Does the car act as if it is starved for fuel and as if the tranny is slipping?

MAP sensors should trigger a check engine light. If your car is starved for fuel. Try checking your fuel filter, fuel pump pressure regulator, fuel pump, fuel injectors.

Light on the dash of your fiat barchetta which looks like it is related to fuel injection Anyone know what it indicates?

The reason in my case was a faulty lambda-sound.

Why daewoo lanos 1998 car is not picking speed over 100 even though the accelerator is pressed full while car is in 5th gear?

Most newer cars are governed by computer as to how fast they can go. There are some after market computer chips to increase the speed & performance of cars. however I do not know if any such product is available for Daewoo products. Check with your local performance shop & go from there. Good luck.

How do you fix faulty equipment in a shop?

oh i know!

Does the fuel pump of a 1998 Daewoo Nubira has a fuse in side the pump?

no, it doesn't. If your fuel pump has failed, check the fuse box under the bonnet. You will find a fuse for the fuel pump in there. If the fuel pump still doesn't work then you are up for another pump. I do know that they are very expensive but i just used a second hand pump from a younger model & it works fine.

What is the size of the front speakers of Daewoo matiz?

It is 10 cm. Do not know in inches:p

How do you know when your fuel injector is bad?

A faulty fuel injector will usually result in the vehicle having a misfire on that specific cylinder. There are several ways to check if it is bad, one of them being to remove it and do a flow test on it. This requires hooking it up to a special machine that will simulate the conditions the fuel injector is under when it is installed in the vehicle.

How much does your 1999 Daewoo Leganza weigh in tons?

A person should know the weight of their vehicle. The 1999 Daewoo Leganza weigh 0.0015 tons in its curb weight.

What should the resistance on a kwikthermT105 thermostat be to know if it is good or faulty?

Resistance power of 20 amps indicate whether it is good or faulty.

How do wire a car stereo in a Daewoo Lanos R reg 1400 cc?

Ok i am having the same task at hand i need to wire my sony stereo (XR-4750RDS). I know the fueses are located below the passenger side door on a little 4x4 inch panel which clips off. Any other suggestions would be highly appreciated. James

Why the fuel gauge on peugeot 405 diesel estate wont work?

It is important to know when car parts quit working, and why. A faulty voltage regulator, blown fuse, or the wiring to the battery can cause this problem.?æ

How do you know if your fuel pressure regulator for your 1997 Mercury Villager is faulty?

it's probably not, check your distributor, i had similar problems, changed regulator, fuel pump, car still would stall or hard start. it turned out to be my distributor. i will repeat, this is a problem with the villager, they go bad quick.

What are the warning signs for a Daewoo Lanos 1998?

my wife and i both drive a lanos. The things to look out for are as follows: fuel pumps are a known problem:ABS can also be a problem and people turn off the ABS light so make sure this is on when you turn key and make sure it goes off when engine starts --This also applies for Airbag light as the airbag modules failing are a known problem. Erratic revving is also a known problem when engine gets hot --so take the car for a decent test drive. Water (especially on passenger door) is another one to watch for . Some of these cars are very heavy on petrol for the engine cc. The only other problem That I know of is a "Sticky" accelerator which is a nightmare in slow traffic. These are problems in a manual gearbox car and I cannot say anything about the automatic model. If you get a good Lanos you have a cheap car that is both reliable and comfortable.

What do you do when a 2000 Daewoo Lanos totally stops running on a freeway and not do anything to start back up The battery is totally charged?

Have someone check to see if your timing belt is broke. I had the same problem with my Daewoo Leganza and the timing belt was broke also check your valves they may be bent. +info+ i have a 2000 lanos they recalled mine for the wiring harnes issue and also a problem with the cam pos sen in certain modales that could cause the car to just stop also but mine wasnt one of them thank god the way to tell was a certain number's in the vin#Answerokay, what i need to know is weather or not it's turning over, my car a 200 Daewoo lanos has a fuse that blew a few weeks ago and i had no idea that it would kill my car, i believe it is labled as Engine sensor or something like that middle of fuse panel inside of the car. Apparently it kills all spark to the engine, the DIS "distributorless Ignition System" fuse will do the exact same thing. Car will not start or run. let me know if you need any more help such as how to change a starter, believe me im an expert at it now and im only 18, 3 starters in my car so far. 2000-daewoo Lanos first replacement starter was put in at around 40,000 miles, second replacement was put in at about 54,000 miles. If you must replace the starter be sure to pay for the lifetime warranty, you'll need it. RobertCravens_Robert@yahoo.comAnswer2000 Daewoo Lanos Shutdown problems/causes: I have been working with my brother's Daewoo Lanos 2000 since about 15,000 miles. The ecm (stick-shifts) is located in a very poor location as is the wiring harness to the computer. The AC has a fluid leak problem and unless you drain the hose and drill a drain hole in it the AC will leak into the passanger floor (where the ecm and harness is and cause the shutdown problem. After this has affected the ecm and harness it MAY recover if you dry it out AND wrap the harness wires (something that should have been done at the factory), BUT the ecm will continue to be affected by cool wet mornings or evenings. To repair this the best thing you could do is relocate the ecm and wiring harness to a safer location (not an overly easy task) AND check the wiring harness connections, removing the corrosion that you WILL find there. BEFORE you think of replacing the ecm try this first it can save you hundereds that you may not need to pay out.If I can help or if you have any info for me: