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How do you know that the ignition switch is bad and needs to repaired?


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2015-07-14 15:06:24
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Ignition switch going bad can be,hard starting,some things work while others don't and all your fuses look good.For example,not long ago a 1998 s-10 blazer would start,but the electric windows wouldn't work and the interior fan wouldn't blow.The mechanic replaced ignition switch to fix the problem,gas mileage went way up also.Also if you have to hold the ignition key in a certain position to make things work,its probably gone bad.Also any smoke or burnt smell around the steering column is a sure sign of problems. you.


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my granddaughter has a 1997 GEO prism LSI. i need to know how to remove the ignition switch

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If you know where to put the key in, you know where the ignition switch is... Actually, safe to say you should stay away from it.

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The ignition switch is one unit and you replace the entire thing. Do not confuse the ignition switch with the key lock tumbler. They are two different things.

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It will not engage and send current to the starter. You will not hear a click or anything else if the ignition switch is bad. With your headlights on when you turn the ignition if the lights dim is it not the ignition switch but more than likely a bad starter. If the lights do not dim it is more than likely the ignition switch.

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If the switch fails, however, you won't be able to start your vehicle

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