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Ignition switch going bad can be,hard starting,some things work while others don't and all your fuses look good.For example,not long ago a 1998 s-10 blazer would start,but the electric windows wouldn't work and the interior fan wouldn't blow.The mechanic replaced ignition switch to fix the problem,gas mileage went way up also.Also if you have to hold the ignition key in a certain position to make things work,its probably gone bad.Also any smoke or burnt smell around the steering column is a sure sign of problems. you.

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Q: How do you know that the ignition switch is bad and needs to repaired?
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How do you take out and install a switch ignition?

my granddaughter has a 1997 GEO prism LSI. i need to know how to remove the ignition switch

How do you locate the ignition switch on a ford Bronco II 1989?

If you know where to put the key in, you know where the ignition switch is... Actually, safe to say you should stay away from it.

How do i know which part of the ignition switch to replace if car will not start?

The ignition switch is one unit and you replace the entire thing. Do not confuse the ignition switch with the key lock tumbler. They are two different things.

How do you know when the ignition switch gone bad?

It will not engage and send current to the starter. You will not hear a click or anything else if the ignition switch is bad. With your headlights on when you turn the ignition if the lights dim is it not the ignition switch but more than likely a bad starter. If the lights do not dim it is more than likely the ignition switch.

How do you know if ignition switch is bad?

If the switch fails, however, you won't be able to start your vehicle

Does the ignition switch control the starter?

It sends a power to the starter relay/solenoid to engauge the starter. Know that the ignition switch is not what you put the key in and turn. That is the lock assembly. The ignition switch is located lower down on the steering column.

How do you know when your ignition switch has went out?

You know your ignition switch has gone out when you turn the key and there is no click or any noise at all. If there is a click or other audible noise it is probably the spark plug or something of that sort.

How do you change the ignition switch on a 1991 Pontiac grand am tilt steering automatic trans?

I don't know how to change the ignition switch but I have some advice. Don't screw with the ignition switch, buy the whole steering column. It will be cheaper and easier to change.

How do you remove and install the ignition switch on a 91 Ford Explorer?

I am working on changing my 93 Explorer ignition switch now. As soon as I figure it out I will let you know. :-) Still working on it.

How do you pull a wire from ignition switch to connect a off market stereo for a 2002 Chevy cavalier it does not have the ignition switch wire?

i do not know go to a car stereo install ... store

When the ignition switch is turned to lock?

you need to be more specific. i am going to assume you want to know in what position is the ignition switch in lock. usually it is 2 positions back from "run" but it is in whichever position the key comes out of the ignition.

How do you know if ignition switch is in lock position?

the steering wheel will lock and the key will come out, unless of course the ignition cylinder is broken

Where can I find wiring color code for ignition switch wiring harness?

i know, burnt it.

How do you know if ignition switch is in run position?

if the starter is not spinning and the truck motor is running

How do you bypass the ignition switch on a 1996 Nissan maxima?

I don't know, ask someone outs....

How do you replace the ignition switch on an 84 camaro z28?

I don't know thats way I ask

How do you change the ignition switch on the S-10?

Need to know what year the S-10 is.

How do you check the relay switch in 2002 Camry?

How do you know if it needs to be replaced

What will cause the air not to come out the vents?

I know this will sound odd check Ign. switch I couldn't remove keys and had switch repaired and it started working again. go figure?

Chevrolet 96 switch is locked need to unlock?

please need to know how to unlock ignition switch on my 96 chev college study have no money

Why did your 88 ford bronco ll try to start itself with ignition in the off position and no key in ignition transmission in first gear?

ignition is sticking and let me guess it was rolling try a parkin brake I am having the same problem. I don't know the answer yet, but I know that the response above is insulting. I can tell you that it, in my case and possibly yours, is not the key switch, the ignition switch, the solenoid, or the voltage regulator.

You need to know how to change the ignition key switch on a 1989 town car?


I know its pins 7 and 18 or 19 to reset my oil light on my 325is do you know the correct pins?

Switch ignition on. Connect an LED test light between terminal 7 and earth. After 3 seconds 5 green LEDs will illuminate. Switch ignition off.

How do you install an ignition bypass switch in an ATV?

How do I put a New key in ignition into it for 90 mL for speed Baja for Willer I lost my keys

What is the symptom when ignition switch goes out on 92 BMW 325i?

It is important to know the symptoms of a part going bad. The signs of an ignition switch going bad is it overheating, no clicking when trying to start, the car has issues starting and running.