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Go to the web site for the specific college you are interested in attending. In the Admissions section they will tell you what their requirements and criteria are for selecting students. Some don't like to provide a minimum, because they look at more than just scores and grades.

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Q: How do you know the ACT score required by different colleges?
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What colleges accept a score on the act of 23?

An ACT score of 23 is competitive in many universities. As you know, an ACT score is not the only thing colleges look at. If you have a great GPA, your ACT score, doesn't need to be as high. As far as Ivy League schools, this score is most likely not high enought to be competitive.

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What is the required SAT score to get into FIU?

well honestly, that's better if you get over 1000 on both reading and math and i know the minium reading score is 440, do the best u can

How do you determine what courses to take for certain degrees?

If you know what degree you are interested in you can use websites such as which helps you compare different degrees and see which colleges offer the degree. When looking at the college's website click on the degree name and then requirements, this will show you the different courses required.

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What do collages look for when accepting people?

colleges like to see that you know how to spell. colleges like to see that you know how to spell.

What is the passing score for cleps exams?

It depends on what your school requires. Your university registrar will know which credit can be earned and the required score.I took the macroeconomics CLEP and scored a 75/80, needed a 50/80 for credit.Good Luck!

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What is a act score of 19 equivelent to sat score?

A 21 is the national average score for the ACT. A 500 is the average score for the SAT.A 19 would probably be about equivalent to a 480 on each section of the SAT. As a educational consultant, I sometimes suggest that a student decide which test is best of him or her and then concentrate on that one test. Colleges will accept either the ACT or SAT. As a test prep specialist, I know that you can improve your score by contacting the ACT and trying to get a copy of your test and answers. This will help you know where you made mistakes on the last test you

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