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How do you know the IP address of each computer and the corresponding name of the computer within the LAN?

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March 11, 2016 11:43PM

First of all, use a network scanner and scan your network and it'll give you a list of every active IP on the network and the hostname of the device ( name ). I recommend an app on the appstore called "iNet" free and fast. It scans whatever subnet your on 192.x or 10.x 184.x etc. It is very useful for big networks for finding computers. Another way is to open your router webpage and it should have a list of every connected client on the network and their IP along with hostnames and mac address.Takes more time using these steps provided but didn't delete it.

1st option is to run ipconfig on each computer and it will tell you the ip address of the computer you are on. To get the name of the computer you can go to the network configuration settings which I will explain in a bit how to get to.

2nd option type in the IP address of the router in the web browser of the one of the computers connected to it, log in to the router with the username and password you used to set it up with, and depending on the router you have you're going to want to look at the log or look around in the different settings to see if you can't find a list of currently connected devices almost eveyr router I've seen to date has had a list somewhere of the devices connected to it

anyways back to option order to run ipconfig on your computer go to Start menu -> Run (or hold the windows key and press r) type in ipconfig in the box that pops up....if that doesn't work then try typing cmd in the should get an msdos looking window that pops up....from there type in ipconfig....after that look for the IP Address it will be clearly listed there

now as for getting to the name of the computers....I'm not sure about other operating systems but I'm pretty sure it's quite similar across all windows operating systems but I will give you the exact instructions from Windows 2000 Professional which is what OS I happen to run:

1. right click on the My Computer icon which is located on the desktop

2. left click on properties

3. Go to the Network Identification tab

4. Click the properties button

5. Look at the value in the Computer Name box

6. Now you know what the computer's name is

Well, I hope this helped