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You can check the voltage going to the starter. It should be 12V. I'd recommend just waiting until the starter dies and replacing it then. -Jesse

Many auto parts & repair places offer free starter testing (e.g., O'Rielys).

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Q: How do you know when a starter is bad for a 1998 Ford Taurus?
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How do you test a starter in a 2004 Ford Taurus?

If you have the starter out of the car, there are many auto parts stores that will test them for you for free. They know that if it is bad, you will probably purchase a new one there. Testing them yourself can be dangerous because of the torque involved and electricity.

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There are many different fuses and relays in Taurus, we need to know which for answer.

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There is a wire than runs to the starter and the box is in the trunk on the driver side. Don't know what your problems are?

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As far as I know , the Ford Taurus has always had some form of V6 engine Unless you had a Taurus SHO , some years had a small V8 engine

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What types of gaskets are in a 1998 ford Taurus Im looking for a list of the names I know one being the Head gasket what are the rest?

Valve cover, oil pan, intake, exhaust, etc

How do you know if it is the solenoid or the starter that is bad on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Since these are considered to be a single assembly, the starter is going to have to some out for bench testing.This is where the small local auto parts store has an advantage over the national parts store chain - the local "guy" likely knows a starter motor specialist / shop that might be able to do a repair instead of having to purchase a whole new starter.Check around.By the way, getting at a Taurus/Sable starter and pulling it isn't too bad of a job - see "Related Questions" below

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WWW.SHOFORUM.COM Everything you ever need to know!

Where is a 1998 starter located?

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Are 1998 and 1996 Ford Taurus rear passenger doors interchangeable?

This is a highly likely interchange as there were virtually no body-design changes between 1996 and 1999 Taurus'.You might want to check with a local auto salvage/recycler/junk yard - those guys know "interchange" stuff the best!

Is a Taurus a 4 or 6-cylinder car?

As far as I know the Ford Taurus has always had one of the 6 cylinder engines ( unless it was a Taurus SHO , some years had V8 engines ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stand corrected , according to Consumer Guide there was a 4 cylinder engine available in some Ford Taurus models until the 1991 model year

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Where is the starter solenoid on a 2005 ford explorer?

The starter solenoid shows to be on top of starter. If you don't know where the starter is located, follow the positive battery cable. You may have to get under vehicle to get at the starter. I replace starter and solenoid as a unit. Now, if your talking about starter relay that is a different animal.

How much will it cost for a Ford KA starter motor?

It is wise to know the cost of replacing car parts before owning a car. The Ford KA starter motor should cost between $150 and $400.

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Best Buy and Crutchfield will let you know which speakers will fit in your car. For example Infinity 6x8's will fit in the rear deck of your Taurus.

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