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She will call and talk to you or when she see's you stop and chat. She will buy you things because she thought you might like them with no expectance for a return gift. She will be willing and happy to do things with you. She will invite you to do things with you. She will smile and laugh with you and most of all she will let you know that she enjoys your company. she is a great friend, being there when you need her, but if you do get involved, she will butt out.

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How can you tell that a guy loves you?

He will get all shy and really romantic

How do you know your man really loves you?

if he really cares for you. If he puts you in front of anything, than.

What does it really mean when your spouse tells you that she loves you but she is not love with you?

it means that she cares about you and she loves you as a person, but to be in love is a way bigger step.

What does an girl need from her boyfriend?

Someone that cares enough to find out who she really is & then loves her anyway.

What if you and your boyfriend have been together for a year and 3 months and he tells you he loves you but is not in love with you yet what does it mean?

It means he cares for you and loves you as you love a friend. He may also have romantic feelings for you but they must not be that strong or else hed say he loves you

How do you know if he loves and cares about you?

how do i know that he loves me

What does it mean when he says he needs you?

AnswerIt sounds like he really cares about you or loves you and needs you in his life for that reason.

How are you sure if a person says that he loves you if he really means it?

bugger it no one cares they love you hippie

Is Scorpio romantic?

Yes. If a Scorpio really and truly loves you, they'll do whatever they can to make you happy.

How do I if know my boyfriend really loves me?

If your boyfriend includes you in family outings and spends a lot of time with you, he cares.

What does it mean my crush cares about me a lot?

he really loves you, he's in it for the good stuff or he just wants something from you

Does Bam Margera love Missy?

even if they are divorced now bam really cares and loves missy they remain really close friends.

What does it mean when he says he cares for you?

He loves you.

When a guy cares about a girl but same loves you?

Guy cares about a girl when he loves her. He becomes possessive about her and just want that she should not be hurt

What are the ways o knowing that your women loves you?

the way she looks at you. if you can feel that she loves and cares for you then she loves you

Would he call if he loved you?

yes because if he calls it means he cares and if he cares he loves you

Who cares for your books?

everyone loves books.

Why does your brother keep kissing you?

He loves you and cares for you

What should you do if your girlfriend doesnt show she loves you?

make an effort. ask her on a really romantic date. if she still doesn't then ASK HER!

What does it mean when you bf says you're special and important?

its a good thing and he's really into u an dpssibly loves you alot and cares

Who is to blame for accident?

The one who really killed her was Daisy but then Gatsby takes the blame to protect Daisy because he loves her and cares about her dearly.

What do you call a person who loves nature?


How does a man behave when he loves a woman?

Like he cares.

Why does he always walks you home?

because he loves you and cares about you.

Who loves Rosalie arroyo?

her family does and everbody that cares for her