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The way you can tell if someone is on drugs is if they come to work and their hair looks a mess or if they get down on thae floor and start quivering.

That's not always true--quite a few drugs don't make someone lose interest in grooming or start quivering. There are four things that are almost always a giveaway:

1. Major changes in the person's social circle.

2. Unexplained changes in the person's financial situation.

3. Significant changes in behavior.

4. Changes in grooming, dress or appearance.

I know, I know, a drug addict is supposed to shun all his old friends, need a ton of money right now, start screwing up at work and look like a dirtbag. That's not always true. People with some level of intelligence who start using drugs might give outwardly positive changes. Someone who's been real reclusive all their life might become a social butterfly. A moderate-means person might suddenly have a LOT of money no one can determine the source of. They might change from being an average worker or student to a top performer, and a lady who's never shown any real interest in "girly" stuff might all of a sudden start dressing really well and wearing really elaborate hair and makeup styles. This is a camouflaging tactic--"If I become a great person outwardly no one will notice I've started shooting heroin."

Here's one I find weird: one of the ways to tell a meth addict is if they use a lot of hand motions during their communication. I guess I'm really in trouble--I have always talked with my hands.

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2010-01-28 19:18:27
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Q: How do you know when someone is taking drugs?
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