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Take the seed and put it in a towel and then put the towel in a cup with one fourth of water inside. Then after the shell cracks and it starts to grow out, gentley bury it 2 cm deep in mid May.

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How do you find pink moonflower seeds on nier?

You must cross breed plants to get pink moonflower seeds.

Can a moonflower survive Mars?

No a Moonflower is a plant, and plants need water to survive.

What plant seeds float away?

There are two seeds that can float that I know of. And they are: Poppy Seeds and Sunflower Seeds.

How you know if plant has seeds?

if the flower turns into a fruit or withers.

On runescape where to get pineapple seeds?

you actually dont get seeds you buy a non tradeable plant but i dont know were

Plant oils how do you get them?

As far as I know all plant oils are found in their seeds and are extracted by crushing.

How do you tell what moshling you will get?

Until you plant a combination of seeds, you won't know.

How does a tomato plant reproduce?

A tomato plant reproduces with seeds. The fruit of the plant is filled with these seeds, and when the fruit falls to the ground the seeds will grow. People also harvest and plant these seeds.

Who Killed Moonflower?

Hawkheart, the WindClan Medicine Cat, killed Moonflower.

What is the duration of Lady Moonflower?

The duration of Lady Moonflower is 1.17 hours.

How do balsam plant reproduce?

balsam plant reproduce by seeds

When was Lady Moonflower created?

Lady Moonflower was created on 1976-12-08.

How do you get seeds?

You get seeds from a tree or plant.

How do plants make seeds?

when you grow a plant such as a vegetable when you plant it not only your planting seeds but in some seeds there's extra seeds in it which is smaller then the seed so as it grows the extra seeds get inside of the plant.

Why are pomegranate seeds hard?

i would really like to know the answer to this. I have a plant which gives nice fuits but the seeds are hard and you cant eat it

What genes does a pea plant with wrinkled seeds have?

font know i dint c are Daugherty

Are seeds made in the flower of a plant?

Yes, seeds are made in the flower of a plant.

How seeds are moved away from the adult plant?

By dispersal of fruits and seeds of that plant

Where are the seeds in a pea plant?

The peas are the seeds of the pea plant. They are inside pods.

How does Canada plant their seeds?

They plant their seeds like any other country.

What part of a plant makes the seeds?

part of a plant makes the seeds.

When was Moonflower - album - created?

Moonflower - album - was created in 1976-12.

Male weed plant will you get male or female seeds?

I do have to point out that the male plant doesn't produce seeds. It pollinates, which is what ultimately makes the female plant produce seeds. you would need a female plant to get any seeds at all.

What is the difference between a seedless vascular plant and a seed plant?

A seedless plant has no seeds. A seed plant have seeds. It is very simple.

Do seeds eat?

No plant seeds do not eat.