How do you know when you are true soul mates?

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  • I believe that my boyfriend and I are true soul mates. We share many likes, dislikes and even friends say we have the same speech pattern. This has been from the very start. It's like I'm the female version of him and he's the male version of me. Similar backgrounds help, i.e. your family, faith and friends. He is only 4 months older than I am. Most of our life experiences are even the same.
  • You know when you have met your soul mate because you connect on a very different level to anyone you have ever met before. The other person understands what you are thinking before you say anything and when you are with them no one else exists, you exist for one another and experience great pain when they are taken away from you. With your true soul mate you are completely at ease, you never doubt that they are telling the truth or that they will prefer anyone to you and you feel totally secure and safe in their presence, like you have come home. When you first meet them you instantly recognise them as the other half of you and if it ends for whatever reason you never truly forget that person and find yourself comparing everyone else to them.
  • Well, there is nothing really like soul mates. People who think they are soul mates are just too deeply in love and connect in every level. They accept the other person as they are and comfortable in their presence like you would be with your brother. They do fight like the rest of us but it's not to breaking point. The deep seated love they have for one another always sees them through. However, this does not mean that they never divorce, they do cos there is nothing like soul mates.
  • If you have to ask yourself if you are soul mates then I doubt you are when you meet your soul mate you know i swear if listen to your inner voice follow it cause it is usually right. also, soul mates are very special not everyone will meet there soul mate it is something beyond explaining cause everyone experiences differently. LOVE IS LIKE MAGIC NO ONE KNOWS THE SECRETS BUT YOU BELIEVE.
  • I believe I just met my true soul mate. Time will tell. I am 37 years of age and have never had this experience before. Although we met on holiday, and live in different states we can't go a day with out talking. The funny thing is when we met on our vacation we went out with a group of people to restaurants, bars and clubs. All of the employees at these places actually asked us if we were on our honeymoon rather than the 13 people we were with. The sparkle, security and conversation between us was eventful and obvious to others. I believe in fate and karma. To anyone else don't settle and don't give up. This is a feeling that words can not express
  • How do you know its your soul mate? Like the vibe you get from them isn't enough of an answer to that.. Its not simple.. not at all.. but you know when it happens because there is an instant connection between the two of you.. the passion ignites your heart into dim flames which only get stronger with each growing day... And when there is distance between the two your heart longs for attention.. Sometimes its just too hard to bare and you go looking for someone else who cares.. but no one will ever compare to the first.. A soul mate is a memory that cant be reimbursed. That kind of fire will never go out.. soul mates connect on a different sort of level.. its almost as if you were psychic. But not quite.. You know its the one when from the moment you look into their eyes.. and I am telling you that NOTHING will ever feel the way that does.. No other human in the world can touch the bond you share... That's how you know its your soul mate....
  • If you ever meet your true soul mate, you will know without question. You will soon realize that you will never be the same. Everything changes for you whether you can actually be with that person or not. That person will be in your heart, your thoughts, and your very soul always after you meet him or her. You have no interest in anyone else at all. It is a deep connection with someone that is on a higher level of love. It will shake your world. You cannot control it or change it no matter how hard you may try. You may feel like you have known that person forever. You feel a very strong connection to them that cannot be explained even if you don't yet know them very well. You love them totally for everything that they are. There is total and complete acceptance of that person just the way he or she is. It is an unselfish, true love. You will absolutely know. Meeting your true soul mate is so very different from anything else you have experienced. It will rock your world and you will never be the same again.
  • When you meet the person who you think is your soul mate, then it doesn't matter how long you've known each other, love can happen in any amount of time. From 3 days to three weeks, to three months, to three years, you'll know if its them. If its not, then let go of the wheel and see where it steers you.