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It depends on the severity of what that person did. I doubt any of us can totally forget some trauma another person has inflicted on us, but, it's highly possible to forgive because I've done it many times. Just because you forgive the person doesn't mean you have to have anything more to do with them. I have this quote posted on my fridge: "If you can't forgive someone then they still have control over you." What it means is, if we can't forgive that particular person it makes us angry is stressful and often we can rehash the problem with this particular person at night as we are waiting to fall asleep (prime time for this!) It can affect your health. It's OK to get angry at first or even feel you detest the person, but, in time, you should learn to forgive and move on.

HOW DO I FORGIVE & MOVE ON: As I said it takes time. If the hurt inflicted on you was simply a mistake or the person had good reason (health-wise) and lashed out at you then you need to put the incident into perspective. You have to decide no matter what the reason if this will be an on-going problem with this person and if it is then you need to move on. Once you are done this or even if you've forgiven the person and they've smartened-up time will heal the wounds. Keep busy, be with other more up-beat friends or coworkers.


It is possible. In most cases, people don't hurt another intentionally. It can be from someone simply being selffish and inconsiderate of others, lack of good judgment, the inability to resist temptation, not thinking that the incident could be hurtful to you, or they had no choice in a matter that could be hurtful. It's always best to forgive and forget. Like mentioned in the above answer, you can become a prisoner, a victim, of that person's actions. If you truly love someone you can truly forgive and forget. Unless the same person hurts you over and over again, in which case it could be more difficult to forgive I would imagine, you should always make every effort to move past the incident that was hurtful. If you really love that person you must move past the incident and not look back. You must TRULY forgive or it can destroy your relationship. So, yes it IS possible to truly forgive and forget. It depends on the individual who has been hurt and what their character is all about. Some people are not mature enough to do this. I guess others simply do not know how. I would guess there are some out there who will hold a grudge and be filled with resentment towards someone forever. It depends on the circumstances and the people involved. However, I can say from experience, you can truly forgive and forget and remember the good of a person and the love FOR that person.

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How do you make someone forget something?

Once something is done it is not possible to make someone forget it. You can, if you hurt someone, ask them to forgive you. If they do, it might be possible to get past that hurt.

When should you forgive and forget?

to be honest i think there is no way to forgive and forget. you can say that you've forgiven and forgotten but at the end of the day you know that you can never really forget anything. you can choose to forgive.. but the way i see it when you forgive someone for something they will most likely do it again because they have gotten away with it before. just mo opinion though. ANSWER: We all can forgive no matter how bad the problem given to us, but forgeting will be more harder because pain was the one that his you emotionally and physically.

Should you forgive a backstabber?

Forgiving someone for anything is your choice. Forgive, but never forget. If they did it once, they can do it again.

What does the proverb forgive and forget mean?

It means that when you have problems with someone else then you should just Forgive them and should just forget all your problems with each other and be friends.

What is forgive and forget in Hebrew?

To forgive and forget = lislo'ach ve-lishko'ach

What is the duration of Forgive or Forget?

The duration of Forgive or Forget is 2880.0 seconds.

How do you get over someone you like so much?

You forgive and forget the person!And get over him/her.

Can you say that you have forgiven but can't get to forget?

I guess you could say that yes that is a very true statement and I think that in honesty we ALL forgive but never forget! Forgiving is basically saying 'don't worry about it' when someone apologises for something they did to you but you never forget even if you say you will because you don't want to be caught out and hurt in the same way a second time by someone else or the same person. Hope this helps :)

Are you supposed to forget when you forgive?

You are to keep no records of wrongs, but it isn't humanly possible to not forget a wrongdoing. We should all strive to though.

What is the forgive and forget saying?

its good to forgive the mistake done by someone's forgetfulness........................... its to bad when you forget to forgive the small mistakes...........................

How do you say forgive and forget in French?

Forgive and forget is "pardonner et oublier" in French.

If you have a relationship with someone that was once a close friend and they hurt you is it possible to forgive them and get the friendship back?

A person can always forgive, but may not forget when a close friend hurts them. It is up to the two friends if they want to work together to re-establish that friendship.

What do Christians believe about punishment?

Well, according to the bible we are required to: forgive and forget as God has forgiven us. Put others before yourself and not judge. Idk if that helped at all.

What are the ratings and certificates for Forgive or Forget - 1998?

Forgive or Forget - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

Forgive and forget you forever in french?

to forgive is translated 'pardonner' in French; to forget is translated 'oublier'. 'Forgive and forget you forever' wold mean ' te pardonner et t'oublier pour toujours' in French.

Can God forget?

No, but he can forgive if you have accepted Christ as your savior and you forgive others.

How do you say forgive and forget in Japanese?

水に流す (mizu ni nagasu) means to forgive and forget.

Who you hateeeee?

Hate is a strong word. I prefer dislike. I think "hating" someone is tiring. I try to forgive and forget. (:

How do you write a directional statement for an essay?

Ask yourself how you are going to prove your thesis. 1. Your Directional statements should show your reader how you are going to prove your thesis. 2. Your Directional statements should correspond with the topic sentence of your body paragraphs(where you expand on your directional statements, staying focussed on the thesis) Forgive and forget. You can't expect to be forgiven by someone else if you can't forgive them.

What are the ratings and certificates for Forgive and Forget - 2000 TV?

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How do you forgive your friend who sexually tempted your husband?

hmm. you just forgive and forget.

Why shold you forgive?

You should forgive with love, but never forget. (never forget meaning don't allow the same thing to happen again)

How to forget the past that your husband cheated you?

Probably won't forget, can only forgive. Don't know that I could. Didn't forgive first husband.

Does god esay forget when someone wrongs you?

No. Forgive them and learn from what they have done so that you do not do it yourself. Forgive them because they have taught you. Forgive them because you know how not to be. Would we know what perfect was if everything was perfect? Would we know not to cause pain if we never experienced it?

Should you forgive your mom if she threatens you?

yes u should always forgive and forget

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