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why would you marry someone that you thought may not be your soulmate? That's the first question you have to ask yourself and to be honest with you no one knows who there soulmate is and your not going to find out until much later soul mate means that he is the bone or flesh as stated in The Bible of your bone and flesh so if you feel like you and your husband have a relationship where he is the head and your tail scenario and he is being your help mate and you in turn his then you found him other than stop questioning the soul mate thing it's just an theory people come up for a person that's found their match or equal in a spouse and maybe you have found your mate in your spouse just stop reading so much into if he treats you like you wanted be treated and doesn't disrespect you then hey I would say you got a winner

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Should your soul mate be your boyfriend?

If you believe in soul mates then he should be your husband. Soul-mates are husband material if you see your boyfriend as potential husband material then he could very well be your husband. If your dating your soul-mate you better not let him go.

How do you know your soul mate?

You know someone's your soul mate when you can't imagine your life without them in it.

What happend when Victoria heard that her husband was dead?

she was extra extra upset that her husband her soul mate her best buddy

How do you know where your soul mate is?

They go to your school

How do you know they are your soul mate?

when they keep bothering you and annoy you

How do you know if ex boyfriend is your soul mate?


How to get your soul mate back?

Sometimes what a person thinks is their soul mate is not and the soul mate may be further into the future. If you are sure this is your soul mate then you will be together eventually.

Soul mate takes a lover?

Unless your idea of a soul mate is one that takes a lover, then probably this person is not truly your soul the soul mate taking on his/her soul mate as lover?

Can you meet your soul mate too early?

No, 'soul mate' means that person is the one for you and both of you know it. Soul mates do not come around often, but if one is lucky to have one they know immediately so it can never be too soon.

What if you have found your soul mate and they don't like you?

Then they are not your soul mate.

Where did Betty White get her sapphire and diamond ring?

I know the ring you are referring to, I believe it's her engagement ring, as she wore it on Golden Girls and in the present...Her late husband was her soul mate...

How do you say your soul mate in spanish?

Soul mate means "alma gemela". Your soul mate means "tu alma gemela"

Is there a real soul mate?

it really depends on the person. if you believe there is a soul mate out there then you're lucky :) keep believing + you never know. it might happen :D(L)

How many people believe in soul mate?

Here is a thought for you: many people believe in more than one soul mate. The Three soul mates theory is that we have one soul mate that walks with us through all life times, this person will be with us no matter when or where. The second soul mate is our true love, this person may be found for one life time and not the other but we will always know when this soul is found. The third soul mate is a temporary one that is meant for this lifetime, someone to help get us through. I think that this is the most beautiful of all soul mate theories and believe in it...

Is Bethany your soul mate?

A Bethany out there could be your soul mate.... ....but then again she might not

How do you say Soul Mate in Hawaiian?

Uhane (soul) hoa (mate/companion)

How do you say soul mate is tagalog?

soul mate= magkatogma sa puso..

When was The Soul Mate created?

The Soul Mate was created on 1996-09-26.

What is greek for soul mate?

αδελφή ψυχή (adelfi psychi). In greek its not exactly soul-mate, it is sibling-soul.

What do you think of a soul-mate?

Soul mates are made, not found. In other words, someone becomes a soul mate through shared experience and consideration, one for another. A soul mate becomes tender to you when they truly know your soul and you theirs. That only comes through time and testing. Some people confuse soul mate with powerful attraction, mental, physical, or spiritual. That can be a starting point, but attraction is chemical and wears out. True love is based on actions and shared experience and never wears out.

How do know when someone is your soul mate?

When the time comes and you meet that magically awesome person you'll know

What is the average time it takes to find your soul mate?

There is no average time it takes to find your soul mate. Some people find their soul mate in high school, others later in life, and some never find their soul mate.

Finding soul mate?

Yeah sure! Everyone wants to have a wonderful soul mate so do I:)

Will I find my soul mate?

Someday, but to find your soul mate, you have to look for it. It wont appear out of the blue.

What is the Sanskrit word for 'Soul mate'?

Soul-Mate: Aatma-bandhu आत्म बन्धु

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