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How do you know your having your period?

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You would have bleeding from your vagina. You also might experience cramps in your lower abdomen. You might feel ill in general.

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How do you know your having puberty?

you will have a period

How do you know if a girl is having her period?

There will be blood coming out her vagina

Can you have a period while pregnancy?

Well that's the thing... If you are pregnant then you wouldn't get your period.... But that is only if you are having your period... But how don't you know this I am 13 and do...

What do you do when your having your period when your 13 because im having a period and i don't know what to do?

Well you have to wear a pad and change it every few hours and ask your mother

Does having a period hurt?

Having a period does not hurt, but having cramps during your period does.

Why do you have to have a period before having the depo injection?

so that they know you arent pregnant?

Does it hurt having your period?

Nope If you get your period be calm and talk to an adult. It is OK. In situations like this you have to stay calm and know what to do.

If so far your having a normal period and you know your not spotting could you be pregnant?

The answer is yes!

What are the signs of your period starting?

When you start having headaches and you start cramping thats when you know.

Can you get chlamydia without having your period?

You can get chlamydia without having your period.

What are the reasons for having a black menstrual period at the age of 48?

i don't know but that ain't good

How do you know if you are having your period?

You will have blood in your knickers/panties and when you wipe. It can be painful and make you feel ill

How do you tell your teacher your having your period?

you tell him/she your having a problem and he/she will ask what say im having my period.

How do you know when your daughter is having her perioD?

She will be sort of agitated all of the time or the whole time she is on her period. Some women break out in their face, others on their arms.

Does having a concussion delay your period?

No, having a concussion cannot delay your period. Your period is determined by your menstrual cycle.

Can you take the shot while having your menstrual period?

Yes, in fact that is a good time to have it as you know you are not pregnant.

What if a guy didn't nut but you have your period can you get pregnant?

If you're too stupid to know the answer you shouldn't be having sex!

How do know wetther I am pregnant or not?

You know when you're preganat by realizing your breast hurt often and you began having mood swings while not on your period

How would you know if you are having a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

the sudden force of the contractions and the amount of bleeding is larger than a normal period

Can having a period affect chlamydia treatment?

Having a period will not affect chlamydia treatment.

Can you have pms and no period?

pms is having a period

What is the cause if you get your first period six months after giving birth and continues to bleed?

It just means that you are having a period again. Nothing bad. Trust me I know.

Is it possible to know if your pregnant but won't start your period for two weeks?

Not yet it won't be accurate. Wait until at least four week after not having a period.

How do you know of you are getting your first period.?

One of the most obvious ways to tell if you are going to get your period soon is after you have been having discharge for 6-12 months

How do you know when your period is irregular?

You should get your period about once a month, but every girlis different. In your first year of having your period, it will be very irregular, but will start to settle into a pattern during the second year.