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I don't think any of us like intrusive medical exams but the best you can do is just find a doctor that makes you feel comfortable or as comfortable as possible and just endure the process. It stinks, but that's what we have to do.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-23 22:38:57
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Q: How do you learn to deal with intrusive medical exams and treatments when you have issues from abuse?
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What kind of treatments can be used for alcohol abuse?

There are several possible treatments that can be used for alcohol abuse. Some known options are rehabilitation, detoxification and maintenance of sobriety.

What were the 5 legal issues in movie the verdict?

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Where can I find information about outpatient rehab on the Internet?

You can find information about outpatient rehab on the internet on medical forums and discussions about alcohol and drug abuse sites that will tell about different treatments.

What is the seven types of abuse?

emotional abuseverbal abusephysical abusesexual abuseabandonmentneglectmedical abuse

What treatments are available for child abuse victims?

thay feel mad

What is the best way to deal with intrusive medical exams and procedures when you are dealing with issues from abuse?

Well, if your abuse was from someone of the opposite sex, you should probably consider going to a doctor who is the same sex (that is, if you're a woman, go to a woman gynecologist). You should also tell the doctor about your past experience (you don't need to go into detail) and you should also insist that a nurse (or even a friend, if that's okay) be in the room with you. They don't need to observe. They just need to be there.

Do you know all the types of child abuse?

neglectful supervision physical abuse sexual abuse medical neglect physical neglect emotional abuse

What are the examples of the issues in preschool in the Philippines?

sexual abuse

What are the social issues of conflict for Russia?

The social issues in russia are drug abuse, alcoholism, AIDS, and homlessness. Drug abuse and alcoholism has led to a high quantity of deaths and homelessness.

What does neglect and abuse lead to?

Neglect and abuse can lead to problems later on in life such as psychological issues and depression. Aside from mental problems, the victim may also experience physical issues such as broken bones, etc. (If the abuse becomes that serious.)

Did errol brown ever comit domestic abuse?

did errol brown of hot chocolate have domestic abuse issues

What are the key issues local government?

The key issues in the local government are the issue on corruption and abuse of power.

Can abuse cause OCD and funny habits?

Prolonged, repeated, and severe abuse can cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD may include obsessive (intrusive) thoughts and compulsive acts.

What is health care financial abuse?

When a patient receives medical services and does not pay the medical bill.

How many women die from spousal abuse?

Many women die from spousal abuse due co-dependency issues.

What are some American alcohol abuse treatment centers?

There are alcohol abuse treatment centers in just about every state in the US. From the Bell Center in Ohio to the ASSETS Program in Oregon the centers offer a variety of treatments. There are treatment programs that range from outpatient to residential long term treatments.

Why do people abuse there children?

they take out anger issues on their children as abuse. they abuse their children from past experiences,its like a way of taking out revenge but on your child not the person who abused or affected you.

What has the author Judy Howard written?

Judy Howard has written: 'Substance abuse treatment for persons with child abuse and neglect issues'

Why has the medical profession historically avoided dealing with the problem of drug abuse?

This is not for medical it needs to be delt with in thereapy.

what exactly is drug abuse?

Drug abuse happens when someone is taking a drug for fun, for a non-medical reason. Drug abuse can lead to physical harm and criminal prosecution.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the medical model of abuse?

it hurts physicly and emotionaly

What are the duties of a child abuse medical doctor?

That's not a specialty. Any doctor has to report what might be abuse. They are obligated like teachers.

what is drug abuse and what are the example of drugs?

The definition of drug abuse is the habitual use of drugs to alter mood, emotions or state of consciousness. Some of the drugs that are abused most often are opiates like oxycontin, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, barbituates (sleeping pills), MDMA, ecstasy and steroids. Eventually drug abuse can lead to organ damage, addiction and other medical issues.

What are the legal issues for child abuse?

Legal issues regarding child abuse generally revolve around what counts as child abuse and what doesn't. For example, some people consider spanking child abuse while others consider it an acceptable form of punishment. Constitutional protections of the parent-child relationship and privacy in the home must also be legally balanced with the welfare of the child.

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