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How do you learn your dog to come?

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First your dog needs to know some sort of "stay" command. Then get a long lead (maybe 20 or so feet). Tell him to stay, and walk away to the end of the lead. Then say "come" while gently pulling your dog towards you. Repeat as necessary.Only say the command once, and don't praise him till he has come all the way to you.

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What can you learn from a dog?

You can learn from a dog that they can be a guard dog, a loving dog and a caring dog!

How do I train a dog to come on command?

Use a Innotek brand remote e collar--The dog will learn to come to you like a bolt of lightening when you tone it. I am a dog trainer in Ga. E collars are the fasted way to teach a dog NO and Come Simply by using Pavlov's teachings. When your dog obeys a command you should reward him, and when he does not you should punish him. This simple logic will make your dog come to you by a command.

How do you train a dog to whine when it need to use the bathroom?

learn dog talk learn dog talk

Where did 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' come from?

i have no idea but i do now its not true i had a dog that was 81/2 and he could learn a trick in a day

Can a dog learn?

Of course

How do you help an anxious dog?

Let the dog learn to trust you.

Do young dogs learn from older well behaved dogs?

Yes, a young dog can learn from an older dog. the young dog does not have to be young. just younger than the older dog.

What do the children learn from the mad dog experience?

they learn to suck my dic

What to do when your dog is swollen?

Learn to spell!

Can a dog learn tricks?

yes a dog can learn tricks if they have the right teacher. You can also teach your dog to learn multiple tricks if you have the time and patience. Teaching them is very repetitive. Also I would recommend having treats available.

How fast can a dog learn?

It depends on the dog and the dogs age. For example a puppy might not learn as fast as a 2 year old dog it also depends on how long you train it.

How do you communicate with your dogs?

if you want to communicate with your dog you are going to have to think like a dog by watching your dog to learn to communicate with you dog

What is the first trick a dog should learn?

learn how to sit or lay down

How do you get your dog to learn a trick automaticcaly on Nintendogs?

The doggies don't just learn the tricks automatically. You have to get them to perform the trick, and then you will say it. After repeating that multiple times, the dog will hopefully learn the trick.

If your dog hates the out doors and barks and whines to come in how do you make it stop and love the outdoors?

Try taking your dog for a walk or play with him/her. Find a stick throw it and maybe your dog will learn that being outdoors can be fun. If your dog still does not want to be outdoors keep trying!Good luck!

How do you get a dog to come home?

To get a dog to come home when it knows it owner...IS TO TRAIN THEM

Where can one learn about dog diarrhea?

The best place to learn about dog diarrhea is from a veterinarian. One can also find information on the internet at various sites which specialize in dog care and health.

Where did Barack's dog dog come from?


When is a white dog most likely to come into your house?

when is a white dog most likely to come into your house when is a white dog most likely to come into your house

How long will it take for the my dog to learn new commands?

It will take at least 4-6 weeks for a dog to learn new commands.If you have said alot of tricks to the dog it may get confused though.

A dog can learn other peoples names?

yes they can learn other people's names

How old does a dog have to be to learn how to attack?

you can start teaching a dog as early as you'd like.

What are some effective techniques that you can learn in dog training classes?

Dog training classes are great for learning the basics when it comes to teaching your dog. You will learn common commands like sit, stay and down. You may also learn other useful tips like how to teach your dog to refrain from eating until commanded, how to correctly walk with your dog, and how to prevent an altercation from happening between your dog and an unfriendly pooch.

How do you make your pitbull dog bark at people when they come to your house?

That should come normally to a dog.

Can a dog learn to see color?

You cant teach a dog to see color, it is either there or it isn't.