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Some guys seem cold, but are quite shy, or, be warned, there are some guys that are down right cold and not too friendly. The 21st century is a time of being wary and not just trusting anyone and you are playing a very dangerous game. It appears you are titilated by the fact he is cold (walks on the wild side of the street) and feel you are the special someone that can make him feel so much better about himself. Don't count on it! If you're wise keep moving on down the line until you find someone you care about.

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If you are gay how do you make a guy like you?

If you have a specific guy in mind, sorry -- you can't make someone like you. But if you let people see what a nice guy you are, they may discover that they like you. You get friendship by giving it. Let your light shine.

How can a 13 year old girl get a guy to like her?

Talk to the guy and let him get to know you.

What do you do if you like a guy too much and can't let him go?

let him go!...he will not let you go then....hopefully :P

If you are shy how do you let a guy know you like him?

Give him little hints that you like him.

How you you make out with a guy?

If you wanna make out with a guy then let him like you but be HOT and when its the time he and you will make out.Trust me

How do you let a shy guy know you like him?

Just tell him.

Do you let a guy touch your chest?

Only if you want him to like you.

How do you let a guy know online that you like him?

Just tell him.

How do you subtly let a guy know you don't like him?


Who do you deal with a guy that likes you but you don't like him?

Let him down gently and let him know you are not interested.

How can you talk to a guy and let him know you like him?

well to let a guy know that you like him you need to get him away from his friend and slowly bit by bit tell him why youlike him and then get a bit closer and tell him.

When is a good time to ask a guy out?

Never ask a guy out! Let them take the first move..I used to like this guy,and I almost asked him out, but it's the the right answer! Always let him do that part!

What do you do if someone else also likes the guy or girl you like?

let the best guy/girl win.......

What can you do to let the guy you like who likes you too build enough courage to ask you out?

ask him out yourself. why does the guy have to do it?

How you stop liking a guy?

You cant just stop liking a guy. You need to find out why you like the guy and if it is healthy to like the guy. Let me know the situation and I will give you some suggestions.

How do you let a guy know you like him if you are shy?

tell you friends to tell him

What do you do if you like a guy but you are total opposites?

maybe talk to him and let your feelings out.^^

What if you ask out a guy and he doesnt like you?

Then don't let him know it hurt you.

How can you kiss a guy you like for the first time?

Just let it happen..

How do you let a guy know you like him more than a friend?

by askng him out

What do you do if the person you like has a girlfriend?

let the guy you like know you like him to and if he feels the same way he will ask you out

You like your boyfriend a lot but you also like another guy what do you do?

well first just dump the other guy!! then let him see you with the guy you liked. so he will get over you faster!!!!

You are dating a guy with a girlfriend you like him so much what can you do to let him broke up with her?

Frame her cheating on another guy

How does someone let a guy know they like him?

You could tell him or send him a note or something like that.

How do you let a guy know that you want him to ask you out?

that's why flirting is around, mainly flirting will let him know that you like him