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Realize that you should be very important to this person and that you and your feelings should matter at all times to your significant other. If this is not the way it is, you take all the strength you can muster, pack your bags and go. You say they have taken you back like they did you a favor. Any relationship takes two people giving 100% to each other at all times. Consideration, compassion and caring at all times. Yes, they will be rough times and disagreements but those should be far and few in between and should be compromised upon. Without all of these elements present you dont have a committed relationship you have a convience.

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If you love someone who has been taken for six months should you give up?

If you love them let them run free. If they love you back they will come back

What to do when you like someone else but are taken?

Do not home wreck someone's relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back. Don't wreck another's love.

How to tell you love someone who's taken?

YOU DON'T. Do not home wreck someone's relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back. Don't wreck another's love.

Loving someone who doesn't love you back. What do you do?

If you are loving someone who doesn't love you back, you need to get out of the relationship and look for someone who will love you.

Why love hurt when someone doesn't love you back?

Because when you love someone that doesn't love you back, it makes you feel unloved and unlovable.

What to do if someone says they love you?

Do you love them back?

What is the best way to get back at someone that is saying you love someone else?

Number 1 , don't get back at them! Be nice, i mean yelling is okay, but not getting back at them. Never be too mean

What is the difference between to be in love with someone and to love someone?

In love someone mean you like her/him and get to know the person To love someone mean you give all your love to someone you care and she/he love you back

You keep finding yourself SOL with the ladies Most of them are already taken or to into someone to even look your way Any suggestions?

Stop with the whining & the negative attitude. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back.

What is unrequitted love?

When you love someone and they don't love you back.

What does taken mean?

taken means that are actually in a relationship..but not really in love... if you say i am in a love taKEN relationship means that you are in a relationship that u love you partner and your partner loves you back

What if you love someone and no if they love you?

ask them out, if they love you back. he will date you ! x

How can you get someone you love to come back after break up?

If they truly love you they will come back to you.

What is the best to tell someone you love them?

When you believe they love you back.

How do you get your true love to love you back?

If they don't love you back already then I don't think that ther're really your true love. You can't make someone love.Thenfind someone that loves u.

What do you do if you love someone that loves someone else?

Someone very bright once told me that you cannot love someone who does not love you has to be something else like an addiction...I didn't believe her at first, but in time, I found out that she was right. Think about you really love that person or are you intrigued because they are taken? It's also about intimacy. Those of us who don't feel comfortable being intimate often choose people who are taken. We can still have that feeling of being in love....but without the intimacy and without being tied down.

Essay about Give Love and Get Love?

All you have to do is give love to someone and you will get love back.

What is give love get love?

That is a saying. If you give love to someone, you are sure to get love back.

How can you make someone you love love you back?

You can't make anyone love you.

Is it foolish to love someone who can't love you back?

Love is given. It is not a requirement to get it back. That's what love is. It knows no boundaries or restrictions.

What if they dont love you back?

Answer Unfortunately this happens sometimes. You have to move on. There is someone else out there for you who will love you back.

You love someone who does not love you back.?

Then you hold your head up, not dwell on it and move forward. Its no big deal there will be someone out there that will love you for you.

What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn?

Your question is contradictory. "What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn't?" ...Clearly the answer would be that she doesn't really love you, and you know this, as you stated "but she doesn't."

What do you do if you love ex and doesn't love you back and he is with someone else already?

forget him and find someone else

What do you do when your guy tells you they are not in-love with you any more how do you get them back?

If he is not in love with you, then he is not in love with you. You can not force someone to love you, you just have to move on and find someone out there that is in love with you. There is that special someone out there just waiting for you to find them.

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