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Tell them, simply have a conversation with them, ask them if they would like to get together sometime, bring them something that you know that they would like....I dunno get creative to get their attention

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Q: How do you let someone know you like them?
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What do you do if you like someone but they don't know?

You let them know.

How do let someone know that you like them?

Tell them.

When you don't like someone Will you let them know?

If you dont like a person that likes you, you should let them know. But do it politely because you can really hurt them if said wrong.

How do you ask someone who does not like you?

If you already know someone is not interested in you it is best to let them be as they won't change their minds.

How does someone let a guy know they like him?

You could tell him or send him a note or something like that.

How do you let someone know you like them but not letting anyone know or think that you like him?

If you like someone it should never matter what anyone else thinks but you. Don't allow others to dictate the way you should act or be - be yourself and do what you want and think is right. If you this person let them know.

How do you let someone know that you like them?

just tell them or by telling one of your friends tell him or her..=]

What do I do if I keep dreaming about a guy I like.?

You can let him know you like him. Dreaming of someone you like is normal. A lot of females have done it.

How can you let someone know you like him or her without talking to him or her?

You don't want to talk to him or her... but you like them? Um... probably not a good sign. If you like someone, you should definitely go and talk to them - start a converstaion and get to know them.

Can you let go of someone?

Absolutely. I know it is cliche, but it really does take time. I know right now it feels like you can't let go but you just have to let yourself feel those emotions and know that you will let go when you are ready to.

If you like someone but that person likes someone else What do you do?

Let them know how you feel before it's too late and they are taken.

How do you let someone know you like them without asking them?

The best way to let them know is to buy flowers or its just simple treat them nice and flirt alittle bit with them

If you like someone how do you tell them?

Be straight forward, honest, polite and let them know truthfully how you feel.

How do you let someone you work with know you like them?

Simple, a note on the desk, or a casual "lunch break"

How do you not let someone know you don't like them?

Tell them your feelings. I'm sure they will appreciate your honesty.

How do you know when to let go of someone you love?

If they let go of you

How can you let someone know you have a crush on them?

When you have a crush the whole deal is to not tell them if you want to let someone know than you don't have a crush on them

What do you do if you like someone but you dont know if they like you back?

play it cool if they don't pay attention to u let it go

What is the weakness to be affectionate?

If you're asking because you want someone to be affectionate, then my answer is this; I don't believe that there is a weakness. Some people are affectionate and some are not. Communication is a great way to let someone know how you feel though. If you would like someone to be more affectionate just let them know. Let them know how it makes you feel when they are not affectionate and how it makes you feel when they are. Good Luck!

What do you do if someone likes you and you don't like them back?

Answer 1you just let them down easy by telling them that you like another person but you can still stay friends.Answer 2If someone admits they like you. Know that it took him/her every ounce of courage she has. so let him/ her down easy but make sure they know that other people like them :)

How can you let this girl know you like her?

Just let her know.

What is a synonyms for blurted?

The synonym for blurted can be told someone, let someone know and if it is a secret then let the cat out of the bag.

What someone do if they have a crush on someone but that person has a girlfriend?

wait and hit on the person they like that's in a relationship.But VERY suddily don't let them know you like them when there all goo goo with love

How do you let someone know you really love them?

Tell them

What is the point of hi?

to let someone know that you are greeting them