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The only chance you have to win her back is by getting out there with friends and start dating again. When she sees you aren't playing the game (she may not mean to act this way and be confused) she may realize when she sees you with another girl, or word gets around that you are dating, realize how much she does love you. If you are meant to be together then she'll come back, but, if she doesn't then this relationship wasn't meant to be. When you don't sit around and mope and get on with life she'll surely start thinking and wonder if you really loved her. This usually heightens one's curiosity and she may not see her ex as exciting as she might have at first. Sometimes we don't see the forest for the trees. You always want what you can't have. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you let your girlfriend go if she broke up with you and says that she loves you but she loves her ex more?
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He's said he still loves me but he loves his new girlfriend more?

He probably will always love you its cause you were his girlfriend before. Does he mean it though? If he says he loves the new girlfriend more then obviously he dosent love you as much as her and he is trying to make you feel better.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

What should you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but she is not in love with you?

Leave her alone.

What if your boyfriend says he loves me but stopped calling?

maybe his phone broke.

What do you do when your boyfriend still says to his ex-girlfriend that he loves her and the ex-girlfriend says that she loves him back and he says they are just friends and she broke up with him?

I would talk to him, ask him whom he loves, and whom he wants to be with. He can't have the best of both worlds, he needs to either get over her and put his whole heart into your relationship or take the time to think if he wants to be with his ex. Dont let him mess you around, you could end up getting hurt.

What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?

say how much you love her

Does jayk purdy have a girlfriend?

no he's single. it says so on his myspace however he did have a girlfriend but they broke up.

He says he loves you and has told people but he has a girlfriend?

that is a little messed up.

What should you say in return when your girlfriend says that she really loves you?


What does it mean if your ex says he loves his new girlfriend but is NOT in love with her?

that he is lying to her because she probably loves him and he feels obligated to say he loves her

My girlfriend broke up with me because she says that I am cheating on her but I am not she says she feels it and that she's been there before?

If there isn't more trust between you than that you're probably better off apart.

What does it mean a guy says he loves you but he has a girlfriend?

He is messed up... or he is a jerk either way, for saying he loves you and has a girlfriend... Make him break up with his girlfriend first... tell me how this works out No. tell his girlfriend what he has said. don't tell him to break up with his girlfriend, thats wrong

Is Justin Bieber dating Caitlin?

no they broke up in may i think but he says that he still loves her

Is it bad when your girlfriend says i love you to her guy friends?

No not if she tells many of them she loves them but if she only says I love you to one then yes.

What should you do if your girlfriend just broke up with you and says she still loves you after 3 yrs but she is young and is not ready for commitment?

understand and be her close friend and maybe let her have a brake from you and she will maybe realise how much she misses you and your commitment.

Your girlfriend broke up with you because she says she is stressed and so can you get her back?

Yes, you can get her back, but you will have to change. If she says that you stress her out, then you need to try to be more relaxed between you and her and don't push her so much.

Who is Jacobs girlfriend?

at the begining jacob has no girlfriend but he loves bella but in breaking dawn when bella and edward have a baby girl jacob inprints with her but it never says he has a girlfriend

When a guy says he cares but has a girlfriend?

it means he likes you but he is in a relationship but if he broke with her then maybe he would go out with you

Your girlfriend says she loves you and misses you but always puts work and herself ahead of relationship what can you do?

Dump her!!

What do you do when your girlfriend says she loves you but does not want to be with you?

you would ask her why, and tell her you would do ANYTHING in the whole world to be with her:)

Your ex girlfriend says she loves you but she in another relationship How do you know if she?

If she loved you, she wouldn't be in another relationship.

What should you do if your girlfriend wants a break but says she still loves you?

Just wait and see what happens.

Is a guy telling the truth if he just recently broke up with someone else but says he loves you?


What does it means When she says she loves you more?

is that she loves u maore then anything in the world.

He broke up with you to be with his ex girlfriend but says it was a mistake and that he loves you but wont break up with her?

It's called wanting your cake, and eating it too. If you took him back, regardless of how much he 'says' he wants you.. all that does is show him that you'll always be there and take him back, no matter how disrespectful he treats you... ;)