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The apps can be sorted by hand in iTunes or on the screen itself, but there is no way to sort on the iPad alphabetically automatically.

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you go to setting the about then reset all

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Q: How do you list iPad apps alphabettically?
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What applications does the iPad have?

There are currently Over 350,000 apps designed specifically for the iPad. The iPad can also run any iPhone app by enlarging on the screen. See the link below for a list of top iPad apps on

Where do you get iPad apps?

Mainly from the App Store pre-installed on your iPad!

Is there more apps on iPad 2?

Only Apple Apps such as 'iMovie' will really be 'iPad 2' Only Apps. All iPad 1 Apps will work on the iPad 2.

What newsreader apps are available for the iPad?

Lets start off with there are over 300,000 newsreader apps for the ipad. For example there is: cnn, nytimes, fox news, the wall street journal, time magazine, news week and, the blaze. The list gos on and on so this is just some of the apps that can be downloaded to a ipad for newsrader apps.

What are good iPad apps for 11 year olds?

Stardom a list.......angry birds

How many facade tarot iPad apps are there?

There are about 25 facade tarot Ipad apps on the market.

Does the iPad have apps?

Hi there Yes the ipad has quite a lot of apps available in the iTunes App Store. Many original iPod Touch/iPhone apps are also compatible with the iPad.

Can you put iPad apps on your iPod touch?

no, you can't, but you CAN put ipod touch/iphone apps on your ipad

IS there iPad gun apps?

Yes, there are many gun apps for the iPad. I have posted a few in the related links.

I am in the UK how can you purchase iPad apps for my new iPad?

all previous apps do work on the iPad but some are beginning to be designed especially for them. You can purchase them straight from the iPad or from the iTunes Store.

Can iPad make apps on iPad?

Currently the iPhone SDK only runs on a Macintosh computer. Apple has no plans on releasing this on any other platform including the iPad. Yes, so the simple answer is you can't make apps on the iPad. You could get many iPad apps from the internet.

Can you use the same apps on both the iPad and iPhone?

Some can be used on both devices, but some applications are for only the ipad and some are only for the iphone.