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There is a magazine tube under the barrel. Turn the end of it and the spring assembly will come out. Load the magazine, put the spring assembly back in and your ready to fire. To fire you take off the safety pull back the knob on the chamber slide to cock the rifle and pull the trigger.

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Q: How do you load and fire a Winchester Model 290 22 caliber rifle?
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Is the 32 caliber Winchester tubular feed rifle rim fire or center fire?

the 32 Winchester special lever action model 94 shoots a center fire, rimmed cartridge.

Was there ever a Winchester 45-60 rifle in the 1800s?

Yes.The Winchester model 1876 rifle was the only rifle made by Winchester that was chambered for the 45-60WCF(winchester center fire).

What is the value of a Winchester Model 88 single shot 22 rifle?

There is no such rifle, the Winchester Model 88 is a highly collectible lever action center fire rifle available in .243, .284, .308, and .358.

What caliber of bullet does a PSG1 sniper rifle fire?

It fires a 7.62x51mm NATO bullet, which is similar to a .308 Winchester.

Can you fire a m-60 round in a Winchester model70- 308 caliber bolt action rifle?

The 21 pound M-60 machine gun fired a .308 caliber round,(I know because I carried one).that being said;yes your Winchester model 70 will fire this round.You of course will have to strip the rounds out of the belt to chamber them in your model 70.

What does Model 94-30 WCF mean on the barrel of your 1894 Winchester?

Your rifle is a Model 94, named for the year of introduction, 1894. 30 WCF is the correct name of the ammunition it fires, .30 caliber Winchester Center Fire, the original name for the .30-30 cartridge.

What caliber is the marlin model 60 standard model?

They will fire the standard .22 short,.22long,and .22 long rifle cartridges.

Winchester model 77 serial 57908 Clip fed What size amo does it take 22L or 22LR?

The Model 77 Winchester will fire either long or long rifle cartridges. It is not chambered to fire short .22s cartridges.

Does an octagon barrel model 90 22 long rifle Winchester fire center or rim bullets?

The model 1890 Winchester was only chambered in .22 short,22long,22 long rifle,or 22WRF calibers which were all rimfire calibers.

What is the value of a daisy model 2201 22 caliber rim fire rifle in excellent condition?

100 USD or so

Is there a Winchester lever action rifle that shoots the same caliber ammunition as a revolver?

Yes, several.We call that a "sister". My pair is a Winchester model 1892, and Colt Python.Both fire .38 special and 357 magnum. .44 caliber is another obvious choice along with .22cal. If you want to have real kick.You could get a Thompson center single shot pistol along with Your Winchester. both in.30/.30.

How many shots could a Winchester model 1873 fire?

It would depend on the magazine length, (full or half) and what caliber the gun was chambered for.

What was the rifle used in the rifleman?

There were a total of 5 rifles used by Lucas McCain. 4 were Winchester Model 1892 carbines in caliber 44-40, the fifth was an El Tigre copy of a Winchester 92, used in scenes where the rifle might be damaged. Of course, all were modified with the large loop lever, with a screw in the lever that would trip the trigger for rapid fire.

What does the wcf next to bullet caliber stand for?

Winchester Center Fire.

What was the value of a Winchester rifle in 1925?

To many variables to answer. Center fire? Rim Fire? Bolt Action? Need the exact model to even begin to come close to an answer.

Is the 32 caliber Winchester rim fire or center fire?

If you are referring to the 32 W.C.F. or 32 W.S. (Winchester Special), both are center fire. Bert H.

Can the Winchester model 70 270 bolt action rifle fire a 130 grain Remington bullet?

If it's a 270 load, yes.

What is the Most Popular Center fire Rifle Caliber?


What is the value of a 32 caliber Winchester Center Fire rifle Model 1892 Serial number 374659?

Winchester Model 1892 rifles were available with many special order features, all of which affect value a great degree. Is it really a rifle, or is it actually a carbine? What condition is it in? Words like 'good' dont mean anything, here, as values fluctuate from $350 or so to several thousand dollars. If you can send digital pictures, please do.

What calibers were produced in the Winchester model 1892?

The Model 1892 Winchester lever action rifle was made in .218 Bee, .25-20 WCF, .32-20 WCF, .38-40 WCF, and .44-40 WCF. (WCF is Winchester Center Fire). Godbear Tennessee

What is the age of Winchester 20-20 serial 703494?

Your question is difficult to answer because there is no "20-20" Winchester. The model 1894 was the first rifle available in the new smokeless powder 30 WCF cartridge (Winchester Center Fire) aka "30-30". If this is actually your rifle it was manufactured in 1913.

How do you load and fire a win chester model 67 22 caliber rifle?

Sign up for a hunter safety course. This should be a single-shot bolt action rifle, about the simplest firearm action there is.

If a Montgomery Ward Western Field 30-30 has Winchester initials does that mean it is a Winchester?

If it has the intertwined WRA emblem, it was made by Winchester, but it is not considered a 'real' Winchester by collectors. If it has 30 WCF (30 caliber Winchester Center Fire), that is another name for the 30-30 cartridge it uses and the rifle could have been made by almost anyone.

Who invented the 1873 Winchester rifle?

The Winchester Model 1873 was not invented by a single person, but instead was the culmination of Winchester's continual efforts to make improvements to older designs. The basic design was originally patented by Henry B. Tyler (the inventor of the original Henry Repeating Rifle), which was then taken over by Oliver Winchester, improved upon, and released as the Winchester Model 1866. The Model 1873 was the next evolution of the Model 1866, and the advent of the centerfire cartridge versus a rim fire cartridge. Bert H.

What is the actual caliber of a 270 center fire rifle?

Uses .277 bullets

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