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THERE IS A DIAGRAM AVAILABLE AT AUTOZONE.COM UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLUTCH START CANCEL RELAY THERE SHOULD ONLY BE TWO WIRES TO TRACE AND MAKE SURE NO CORROSION OR WEAK WIRES, CAUSING A COMPLETE CIRCUIT. THE STARTER SHOULD HAVE A MAIN WIRE TO IT FROM BATTERY ,AND THE OTHER SMALLER WIRE TO STARTER SHOULD BE COMING FROM IGNITION SWITCH , UNLESS CLUTCH START CANCEL SWITCH . TRACE YOUR WIRES MAKE SURE NO BARE WIRES OR LOOSE CONNECTIONS SOMETIMES IT CAN EVEN BE YOUR BATTERY CONNECTION, CORROSION. That's good advise, the answer above. I will add that I have an 84, that had similar starter problems, and basically, it's just suffering from old age. Everything exposed to the elements, slowly deteriorates over time. If your handy with a VOM, you can check the resistance in the main starter cable, to see if it's dying, on the inside, where you can't see. Also, I suggest that when your cleaning and or inspecting your wiring connections, that you use star washers when you reassemble everything. They "bite" into the connection, and help provide a positive contact, between the cable and the device their connected to. If all of this checks out OK, I would suspect high resistance internally, in the starter, and replace it

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Q: How do you locate an intermittent loose connection in the starting circuit of a 1985 Toyota 2wd pu that sometimes prevents starting but is never consistently present?
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