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How do you loosen the suspension belt on a Ford zx2 1999 when you cannot find a tensioner?


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2015-07-15 20:50:18
2015-07-15 20:50:18
Hello. I used this to change out belt on my girlfriends 1999 ZX2. First off. There is no way around that this will truly be one big pain in the butt. Anyways Your best bet is to have a really log ratchet wrench or box wrench. I mean really long at least a foot minimum or longer. You are also gonna have a hose in your way but that should be no problem. You are going to have to push that sucker almost all the way past that hose *if your going through the bottom which will also be your best bet* if you wanna get that tensioner loose enough to fight the belt around anything. In my case I had a buddy work with the belt and we left the power steering pump for last as it is a little bit easier to access. I suppose you could do the AC pump but your gonna be putting a lot of arm into that tensioner and if you don't have a lift or on an angle street like i was and couldn't use the jack. Which this can still be done without it. AnywaysIf you mean the accessory belt (a v-ribbed belt on the passenger side of the engine that loops around the alternator, a/c, crank, etc) then the tensioner is located just above the a/c pulley.

If you are under the car, the ac pulley is farthest forward and closest to the ground. It has a triangular bracket and 3 bolts on it. The small, smooth pulley just above it is the tensioning pulley.

To loosen it you need a 13mm box end wrench or a rather short socket. To relieve the tension on the belt attach the wrench to the bolt on the middle of the pulley and turn it clock-wise, it will move about 4 inches if you can push it far enough.

There is a PICTURE at this site!


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use tensioner to loosen belt. Using a socket, remove the old tensioner..put the new one on and if you were careful, you should be able to slip belt right back in place.

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1. Loosen the tensioner with a 3/8 inch ratchet in the hole and pull back. 2. Take the belt off the tensioner. 3. Take the side bolt going into the head off. 4. Take the tensioner off.

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i have the four cylinder. the ac belt has a tensioner. in the center of the tensioner is a bolt/nut. loosen it slightly. under the tensioner looking toward the ground is a bolt head. turning it adjust the pulley. loosen this to put slack in the belt and remove the belt. put a new one on it and remove the slack with the one bolt then tighten the one in the center of the tensioner. be careful not to over tighten

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place a wrench on the bolt in the center of the tensioner and push if you feel nothing push the other way and you will see that the whole assy is spring loaded and will move to release tension on the belt

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there should be a tensioner pully. Put the 3/8 ratchet in the center of it and turn.

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