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Put an appropriate sized wrench on the bolt through the tensioner pulley,turn to the right, and that should take the spring pressure off enough to get the new one on.


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You must first loosen the alternator, do not remove it. remove the alternator tension screws top and loosen the bottom screws DO NOT REMOVE push the alternator toward engine, for the a/c belt you must loosen the belt tension pulley and move it. replace in reverse order

Loosen the tension on the belts, unbolt the old one, bolt in the new one, and retighten the belts.

the belt tensioners are on the alternator and the air conditioner. On the alternator, you would have to loosen the 2 bolts that are on the tension bar. On the air conditioner, you would have to loosen the tension bolt and you would also have to loosen a bolt that is behind the air conditioner pulley. You would have to turn the pulley to get the holes to line up to the bolt to loosen.

The belts are located on the passanger side of the car. The way the belts keep tension are by bolts. It's a squeeze to get your hand down in there, and I think I used a ratchet with an extension. Although the belt may not loosen right away after you lossen it up, this is how to loosen them. You might ave to push on the belt and the tension location. FYI the serpetine belt is on the inside, so to replace it you have to take BOTH belts off to replace the one. I know, it sucks. ETA for serpetine replacement is prob 25-45 minutes give or take if its rusted or not.

Loosen the alternator mounting bolt and the tension-arm bolt. Push the alternator so the pulley tightens the belts. Tighten the tension-arm bolt, and then the mounting bolt.

Put you car on jack stands, remove the right wheel. Loosen the tension pulley for the accessory belt (AC, alternator). Remove the belt. Loosen the tension pulley for the power steering, remove the belt. Install a new belt, and set proper tension. If you do not have a tool to measure tension, use rule of thumb. When the belt is under proper tension you should be able to twist only 3/4 of full twist. Do the same for the accessory belt.

you will need to loosen the bolt that hold the tensioneer back a little to slide it down so you can reach all belts around pulley. reverse the procedure after belts is on then use the ratchet or pry bar to thighten. good luck

loosen up the bracket that holds the tension on the belts then tigten up the adjustement bolts that pull the bracket then re tighten the bolts.

To take off a "V" belt: 1. Loosen the adjuster bolt and the mounting bolt. 2. Move the driven item aside to loosen the tension on the belt, the belt should now come off of the pulley. If the belt you want to remove is behind still other belts, those belts will come off in the same manner.

Okay, first loosen the tensioning unit on the ac compresser. Afterwards, take of the alternator, this is not the proper, but the orthodox way is way to much of a pain, then you will have the belts lose, put your new belts on, tighten the tensioner, To put on the alternator, use a crowbar after putting the center bolt, pull back to bring back tension to the serpentine belt, tighten the bolt, and then you can start the car, the serpentine has an automatic tensioner pulley, as long as the belt has at least a suffecient amount of tension, the autotensioner will take of the exact tension require to sustain the belt

Break loose the Lock nut, with a 1/2" wrench or socket, and use a 10mm socket to loosen the longer tension bolt, and the belt will fall off

Most newer Tacoma have a belt tensioner and it should be tight all the time, if its not you may need to replace the tensioner.

AnswerOn a Z-31 you first remove the power steering belt. It's easiest to do this with an open end wrench as the adjustment stop bolt is a little hard to get to. First loosen the stop bolt located to the lower right of the power steering pump then you can use a deep well socket to loosen up the tension on the belt and remove it. Then loosen the bolt in the center of the idler pulley with the AC belt on it. Above this pulley is a bolt that you loosen to relieve the tension. Remove the tension and the ac belt will come off the pulleys. Simply pull the belt around the fan blade and reverse to reinstall and set tension an belts and that's it.... Chuck

On the four cylinder engine, all accessories are run with two belts, one for the power steering pump, the other drives the alternator and a/c compressor, etc. Loosen the bolts holding the power steering pump first. Please note the bolts that mount it are on the driver side of the engine, while the bolts that tension it, face the front of the car. Loosen (no need to remove) the tension bolt, remove the power steering belt. Loosen the bolts on the alternator, loosen the tension bolt on the alternator, push the alternator toward the engine and the belt is now free.

Two, the cam belt and serpentine belt.

git hood.....disconect battery.........loosen bolt on back of alt..........loosen bolt holding tenson on alt ...........slide to loosen belts. should have 2 mine dose.......take wires off back of alt noticeing whare they go...........finish un bolting and remove..........reverse order to install new alt........use crow bar to git tension on a easy job... have fun .........helli

Depending on which version of the 2.8L engine and whether or not it has air conditioning there are up to four belts. First make a note of belt routing and in what order. To change a belt first loosen the adjustment bolt and the mounting bolt, then release the tension on the belt and remove it. If the inside most belt is the one you wish to change you will have to remove all of the belts in front of it. Then put on the new belt, adjust the tension and tighten the bolts on each one as you go.

Just slightly different than on lesser cars: Saabs have two alternator belts that run in parallel. This belt pair also drives the water pump, so they wanted to be sure you wouldn't get stranded. But it's pretty easy: your alternator runs on an adjustment track. Loosen both bolts and pivot the alternator so you can get the belts off. Look how they're routed before you remove them. If you have AC the belt for that is blocking in your alternator belts, so loosen the compressor and take it off. Then put the new belts you bought in place, tension the alternator (I stick a broomstick between the alternator and engine, and pry the belts tight), tighten both bolts, tension the AC compressor and tighten it, and you're done.

Yes, you can stretch it to put it on and then adjust the tension.

Only older V-belts can be loosened. First loosen the lock bolt. Now, turn the tensioner bolt counter clockwise. When proper tension has been reach, re-tighten the lock bolt. On newer cars with an automatic tensioner, the tension will be correct unless the spring in the tensioner is broken. That would cause the belt to be too loose and the tensioner will need to be replaced. has online manuals that give step by step how to You tighten the tensioner on the bracket holding the air conditioner to loosen that belt then you turn the hold that adjusts the tension on the alternator shifting it forward to loosen that belt. You will have to take the AC belt off first, then the alternator belt.

The 1989 Toyota Corolla serpentine belt can be tightened or loosen with the tensioner pulley. Pry to the left on the tensioner pulley until the belt is tight. Tighten the tensioner pulley.

loosen the manual tensioners and the alt bracket.

Loosen the belts, unbolt the old alternator, bolt the new one on, tighten the belts back up.

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