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exerxise or take diet pills

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Q: How do you lose belly fat without changing your diet?
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How do you lose weight fast and easy without changing your diet?

No you will just get bigger

What is the eaziest way to lose belly fat without even exersing?

Diet ..... But without exercise you won't get promising results.

How do you lose belly fat in days without diet?

You can make yourself throw up, then brush your teeth afterwards

Is it possible to diet to lose belly fat?

Yes it is possible to diet and lose belly fat but you have to exercise as well to lose it. Just a diet alone will not be enough to lose it. Yes you will lose some but you need to exercise as well.

What kind of diet can you take to lose belly fat without exercising or taking medication?

Short of liposuction there is no way to target fat reduction, you have to go on a diet and lose weight all over.

How do you lose belly fat after full hysterectomy?

Unfortunately, the way you lose belly fat after a hysterectomy is the same as before. Diet and exercise will make the difference.

Belly Fat Diet?

form_title= Belly Fat Diet form_header= Reduce your belly fat with a custom diet! What foods are you eating to reduce your belly fat?*= _ How many inches would you like to lose off your weight and belly?*= _ Do you have any dietary restrictions?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure If so, what kind?*= _

Where can i find the cure to belly fat?

You are supposed to lose four to nine pounds each week on the Belly Fat Diet. Information is provided at the following:

Where can I find out more about lose belly fat diet?

To find out more about lose belly fat diet, consult a nutritionist or your doctor. These people know your body better than the internet. However, if you are not able to do so, try the following link:

Where can I go to get some information on a diet to lose belly fat?

Here is a great website for finding out information on dieting. There are some really helpful tips!

Is the flat belly safe diet a safe diet?

The Flat Belly Diet is a safe way to lose weight. It is a reduced calorie diet, and can be adapted to meet anyone's dietary needs. It is good for your heart and overall health.

Why is it so hard to lose weight in your stomach?

Most fat is stored in the belly and that's why without proper training and diet program can be hard to loose weight

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