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Fat loss happens by burning more calories than you ingest. A treadmill is an excellent way to lose fat and tone muscles. You cannot selectively lose fat in one area while preserving another. Regardless of the exercise, whether it be running, walking, cycling, skiing, aerobics or whatever you like, you will lose fat if you ingest fewer calories than you burn. Eventually your entire body will have less fat and the love handles will disappear.

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Q: How do you lose fat in the love handles and lower body if you only have a treadmill?
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Can a treadmill help you to lose body fat?

It's possible to lose body fat with a treadmill, as long as you also watch what you eat.

Will you lose more weight walking on a treadmill or rollerblading uphill?

walking on the treadmill...

What is the difference between an elliptical machine and a treadmill?

The elliptical machine is basically a treadmill but more. It combines a stepper with incline to get a three in one combo to lose body fat faster and easier.

How do you lose a pound in a hour?

Use a treadmill

How long should you go on the treadmill to lose 10 pounds?

You should exercise on the treadmill a half hour to an hour every day for a month in order to lose ten pounds. Results will vary depending on how fast you go on the treadmill.

How to loose the love handles?

A person can lose love handles by dieting and exercise.

What exercise machines offer exercises to help lose body fat fast?

If you would like to lose body fat quickly, you would need to do a lot of cardio exercises. The treadmill is one of the best ways to lose weight because it works out your whole body and gives you a great cardio workout.

How many inches can you lose if you use the bowflex treadmill daily for a month?

If you use a Bowflex Treadmill every day for a month, you can expect to lose three inches. Results do vary.

What exercises are best to start an unfit body to lose weight?

Some exercises that are good to help your body become fit and lose weight are:Walking - normal or in the treadmilljogging - on a track or in a treadmillEllipticalCyclingStair stepper

What are some tips on how to lose love handles?

There are various tips on how to lose love handles. Some of the best tips on how to lose love handles are eating a healthy low calorie diet, exercising at least 3 days a week, and drinking more water.

Do you know where I can get a true treadmill for weight lose?

You can get a true treadmill from stores that sell fitness equipment and online at eBay or amazon. It helps you lose weight because you run and sweat a lot.

Best way to exercise on treadmill?

The best way to use an electronic treadmill is to use it constantly. Using it before you eat, or on an empty stomach can help you lose weight faster, because it burns body fat instead of food calories.

Do you lose more calories on a rower than an Exercycle?

Rower - a more full body work out - upper and lower body both. Running - Mainly lower body.

How do you lose weight in less than one month?

you walk on a treadmill.....

Why does a patient with fever lose weight?

You lose water in your body due to sweating and lower food intake due to lack of appetite.

How do you lose your love handles but keep your butt?


How do you lose weight on your legs with out losing weight anywhere else?

By doing strength and resistance training exercises on your lower body. Your fat cells are probably more concentrated in your lower body so you need to shrink them by dieting. Your body will lose weight wherever fat cells are concentrated.

Will using a treadmill result in smaller hips?

You might lose some inches on your hips using a treadmill but basically hips measurements are mostly about bones.

How long on treadmill will it take to lose 1 kilogram?

burn 7700 calories on it

Does treadmill and 4 pound weight lifting help lose weight?


How many calories do you lose jogging 30 minutes on a treadmill?

About 350 calories

How much weight will you lose walking two hour on treadmill thirty days?

The amount of weight you will lose walking 2 hours on a treadmill for thirty days can vary. It depends on your height, current weight, as well as your eating habits.

Will treadmill exercise help to make your butt smaller?

You can do cardio exercise on a treadmill to lose body fat. Cardio exercise is excellent for fat loss. For more information, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How can you lose my lose handles in two weeks?

interval training lots of sauna time

I am pear shaped with a smaller upper body and heavier in hips and legs so what is the best way for me to lose weight?

cardio. runnnn. or walk fast on a treadmill with an incline or do the elliptical