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Yes.. if your old and prone to falling.


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If the sciatica really hurts when you try walking on a treadmill, do not do it. Do not fight through the pain; "listen" to your body.On the other hand, especially if you have your physician's blessing and you keep your stomach pulled in so that your hips stay properly aligned, walking on a treadmill may help in the short run.In the long run, insofar as it helps you to keep your percentage of body fat lower, regular walking on a treadmill should certainly help.

You should use your treadmill on a regular basis. You should use it every day if possible. You should use the treadmill for twenty to thirty minutes.

You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine. You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine. You should call the manufacture company about ordering a part for your treadmill machine.

Using a treadmill should be anything but dangerous if used with caution and care. If you follow the instructions correctly you should find using a treadmill is completely safe.

Love handles are fat reserves. Reducing your caloric intake and increasing your activity should cause your body to tap its fat reserves. Just keep at it and be patient.

You should exercise on the treadmill a half hour to an hour every day for a month in order to lose ten pounds. Results will vary depending on how fast you go on the treadmill.

Before you buy a treadmill, you need to consider your budget and what you can afford for a quality treadmill. The following website provides answers to your questions about buying a treadmill:

A Woman should be on a treadmill for about 1hur and a male should be on a treadmill for 3hurs And a teen should be on it fot about 15-30 mins . By Saydie x Stay on the treadmill for as long as you can take it, I say. If you have any conditions or problems with limbs or bones, you should ask your doctor how long your body will be stable in a workout and specify with treadmill. But if you don't have any problems, just keep running until you feel you should stop. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning, and stay on a little longer or turn up the speed only a little bit each time you work out.

Yes but only if you run, sprint or walk briskly for at least 30-60 minutes a day. Also having the treadmill set on a steep incline doesn't hurt. Starting out you should do 30 minutes but then you will want to bump it up to 60 minutes a day. Maybe 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon/evening. You want to elevate your heart rate and a good rule of thumb is if you can carry on an intelligent or comfortable conversation while on the treadmill you aren't working hard enough.

You should fix your treadmill if it does not cost more to fix than it does to buy a new one. If it costs more than half, than you should just get a new one and make sure it got warranty.

If you have cleared it with your doctor it should be fine. But everything in moderation - even exercise

Both elliptical and treadmill workouts are great cardio. The elliptical is a full body workout, while the treadmill focuses mostly on your lower body. Both will burn calories, I think the decision should be based on your body. The treadmill can be harder on your knees and joints than the elliptical.

if you are looking for this type of exercise regimine, then yes, you should buy a treadmill which has higher level settings for an incline scale on it.

You are not fully protected if a fault current should occur on your treadmill. If the frame of the treadmill becomes "hot" from an electrical fault you could get a severe shock when you step off of the machine if the floor is of a conductive nature.

Yes ,the bristles and the handles of toothbrush are made of the same material that is nylon.

The store that sold you the treadmill really should fix it free, if it didn't work when they sent it to you. If they refuse, find the manufacturer's website, they should sell parts. If not, there's always eBay and Amazon.

There could be many things wrong with your treadmill if it doesn't behave as it should. The best solution is to call the customer service number for the treadmill company, and have them send a repair person to you.

Cardiovascular exercise such as running or walking or riding a bike for 30-45 minutes a day most days of the week should help burn calories and loose weight. you could do crunches for the love handles and weight training (light weights high reps) for the legs to help tone, but cardio is key

Every second you spend walking or running causes you to burn calories as well as fat. If you eat healthy then 20 minutes a day should be efficient to lose 2-4 pounds a month (estimated).

The longer the better! At least 30 minutes because you should exercise an hour a day.

Handles on screwdrivers should be non metal.

Their should be a red swith on one of the handles.

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