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there should be 4 nuts on the back side of the steering wheel look for the holes and once you get those off it should just be pulled out towards you.

probably should remove the srs fuse prior to any disassembly

Before attempting any disassembly of an airbag-equipped steering wheel, disconnect the positive battery terminal. Wait 15 minuets. Then before removing the four screws, seat yourself in the car and reach down and touch the pavement. This will ground out any residual electricity you may be carrying. Some late model (2000-2005) Buicks have a "clock spring" mechanism on the airbag and you should note the timing location of the spring before removing the airbag from the steering column. Info provided by a GM training video on airbag servicing.

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Q: How do you lower the airbag out of the way in order to change the switches and radio wiring harness on the steering wheel of a 2002 Buick Lesabre?
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What is a clock spring on a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

It is the item under the steering wheel that provides the electrical connection to the airbag, horn, and cruise switches while allowing everyhing to turn.It is the item under the steering wheel that provides the electrical connection to the airbag, horn, and cruise switches while allowing everyhing to turn.

How do you change the horn harness buttons on steering wheel on Land Rover Disco II 2001?

Get a star wrench or alen wrench set. Go on back side of sterring wheel and remove the airbag bolts. Slowly pull airbag off the steering wheel. Pay close attention to where the wires are attached let the airbag wrest on steering wheel and then release the cables from steering wheel. remove old harness and replace with new one. be sure you replace all the cables in the right place and carefully replace airback and 2 screws.

When getting the airbags replaced on a 2002 GTP does the airbag harness also need to be replaced?

When my airbags went off, the controls on my steering wheel quit working, when the new harness was installed, everything works fine

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1996 Lincoln town car?

ok you have to check on your steering wheel in back of you steering wheel there will be a 2 or 4 bolts you gonna have to remove ,as soon your remove you steering wheel airbag you should see 2 wires one goes to airbag on other will be connected to you steering wheel switches ,,you should remove that and after that you gonna see one bolt you should remove it and you can after that you should be able to pull you steering wheel

What happens to airbag light with momo steering wheel?

Typically, replacing any factory steering wheel that has the airbag incorporated into it, with any type or brand of aftermarket steering wheel, the airbag diagnostic module will "see" that there is an airbag missing, and it will request an illumination of the airbag/srs warning lite...

How hard is it to disable driver side airbag on a 1995 buick riviera so you can repair the 2 horn switches in the steering wheel?

Anytime that you are working on a vehicle with an airbag it is recommended that you disconnect the battery.... That should disable it enough to work on it

If I am to disconnect ground to battery to dis engage the airbag to take steering wheel apart how do I test my switches like horn and cruise control without having them directly connected to the pwr?

After removing the airbag, you reconnect battery to test horn.

How to remove passat steering wheel airbag?

You will have to turn the steering wheel vertical and wedge a small flat-head screw driver into the whole on each side. Pull up with screwdriver and the airbag will pop off on each side. Then just remove and you're done. Remember... don't pull hard because the wiring harness is still connected. Gently pull off and disconnect harness. -sonny Hi sonny, Which size will be the socket to remove the steering wheel?? or even better what kind tools do i need?? Many thanks fabzuk Fabzuk, Once you remove the airbag and disconnect the harness, as Sonny stated, you will need a torx socket to remove the steering wheel. If I had to guess, it would probably be a T-55 size torx. - Wayne

When removing the steering column will the airbag automatically pop out?

you have to take the airbag out first.

Do 89 olds regency have steering wheel airbag?

no it does not have a steering wheel

How do take off the steering wheel on a 91 Nissan 300zx with airbag?

You don't have an airbag

Where is the airbag located on a 96 ford telstar drivers side and what does it look like?

The driver airbag is always located inside the steering wheel.Look at the steering wheel cover for the letters SRS or the word "AirBag".If the airbag does exist,you will see that written.

How do you disarm the airbag on a 94 camaro and remove the steering wheel?

simply pull tha airbag fuse. remove the 4 torx head scres behind the airbag and remove airbag. unplug theelectrical connector. remove the big nut holding the steering whell. use a puller to remove the steering wheel.

Does the Clock spring in the steering column of a 96 Grand Cherokee limited control the cruise controls and the stereo controls on the steering wheel?

It doesn't control anything. It is the connection for the cruise switches, horn switch, radio controls(if equipped) and airbag that allow the steering wheel to turn and there to still be a connection.

Why does a collision with an airbag cause more damage than with a steering wheel?

It doesn't. Your face will be less damaged hitting the airbag than if it hits the steering wheel.

Where is the chip in the dodge trucks located at?

There are computer chips in the engine, trans, abs, airbag computers. Also in some door switches, the radio. None of the switches are replaceable with out changing the entire component.There are computer chips in the engine, trans, abs, airbag computers. Also in some door switches, the radio. None of the switches are replaceable with out changing the entire component.

Does replacing the steering column fixthe airbag?

No, the airbag system, and the steering system are completely different. The airbag, in the centre of the steering wheel (i assume) can be replaced. Lets say for example, your vehicle has a crash, and the airbag is deployed, you will need to replace it, and then remove any fault codes from the airbag module (or ECU). If the airbag light is illuminated, but the airbag hasn't deployed, this indicates a general fault (which shouldnt be ignored) Personally id have this investigated by a trained technician, as an exploding airbag isn't something i'd like to be standing next to! SRS systems are complex and rely on a control module, its more electric than it is mechanical, replacing a steering column would just simply; replace the steering column...

How do you take the steering wheel off a Porsche 997?

you would need to disconnect the airbag then pop off the horn pad and remove the airbag then unbolt the steering wheel.

How do you remove a steering wheel from a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 gt?

To remove the steering wheel start by disconnecting the negative battery terminal to prevent accidental airbag deployment. Then remove the screws on the backside of the steering wheel to remove the airbag. Disconnect the airbag wiring connectors. Remove the steering column shaft nut and remove the steering wheel with a puller. Do not yank, hammer, pry the steering wheel off as this could result in steering shaft damage.

Where are the airbag sensors located on a 2008 ram 2500?

in the steering collum behind the steering wheel

How do you reset the airbag light on 2006 Suzuki Forenza?

i installed a radio w/ harness and the airbag light is on, how do i turn it off or reset it?

How do you remove the steering wheel off your 1994 mercury tracer?

4 bolts are romoved from the backsode of the steering wheel. If airbag equipped remove airbag fuse first. Then remove airbag/ horn/ center assembly. Remove large nut from center of wheel, then pull wheel with steering wheel puller.

Where is turn signal switch on 98 explorer?

In the steering column. You'll have to remove the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller tool. This can be a dangerous repair job due to the airbag in the steering wheel. Get a Haynes or Chilton's manual for the details on how to do this as well as how to disarm the airbag system.

How do you replace the turn signal switch located on a 1984 Chevy truck?

To replace the switch you will need to: Disconnect battery.(VERY IMPORTANT) Disable Airbag fuse and Airbag yellow safety harness near fuse block . Lower the steering column by removing the two bolts that attach it to the dash. Remove horn button / air bag. Use a steering wheel puller to remove steering wheel. You will need to remove the screws that hold the turn signal wand in place and unplug the wire harness, then feed wires thru the opening in the column. Reverse to install.

How do I disable the driver side airbag on a 1995 Chevy Suburban so I can repair the horn switch in the steering wheel?

Airbag disableTurn the sterring wheel to the straight ahead position, place the ignition switch in lock, remove the key, then remove the airbag fuse from the fuse block. Remove the knee bolster and sound insulator panel below the instrument panel. Unplug the yellow connector position assurance (CPA) sterring column harness connector at the base of the steering column.