How do you lower the airbag out of the way in order to change the switches and radio wiring harness on the steering wheel of a 2002 Buick Lesabre?

there should be 4 nuts on the back side of the steering wheel look for the holes and once you get those off it should just be pulled out towards you.

probably should remove the srs fuse prior to any disassembly

Before attempting any disassembly of an airbag-equipped steering wheel, disconnect the positive battery terminal. Wait 15 minuets. Then before removing the four screws, seat yourself in the car and reach down and touch the pavement. This will ground out any residual electricity you may be carrying. Some late model (2000-2005) Buicks have a "clock spring" mechanism on the airbag and you should note the timing location of the spring before removing the airbag from the steering column. Info provided by a GM training video on airbag servicing.