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There's a plumber's way: go to a hardware store and ask them for a faucet piece that will connect to an outdoor faucet to PULL water thru a hose from the pool. Some people purchase a quality "Little Giant" fountain pump that would have a garden hose fitting attached. You can then place the pump on the top step or support it over the coping. Most of these pumps do not shut off automatically, so keep an eye on its progress.

But basic physics offers a cheaper, if less precise, method: manual siphoning. Take a garden hose or any length of hose that will reach from your pool to wherever you want the water drained to and place the entire hose inside pool water to try and fill it with as much water as you can. Pull one end of the hose out toward your drainage area making sure the other end is securely left in the pool. You can literally suck on the end of the hose a few times until you feel the water coming out, and it will drain your pool.

As with a pump, keep an eye on the siphon. A good way would be to raise the end of the hose that is in the pool to or at the level in which you want the water to stop running. Mind you this is not an accurate way but it will keep your pool from draining below the skimmers.

Both ways work, but both require periodic checks. You do not want to have to add more water back into the pool.

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Q: How do you lower the level of your pool water?
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How do you lower chlorine level in pool?

You add water to the pool

Will muriatic acid lower pool water hardness?

Muriatic acid will not lower the Harness(calcium chloride)level in a swimming pool. Dilution is the only effective method to lower the calcium hardness level. Muriatic acid is used to lower the pH and total alkalinity of pool water.

How to lower the salt level in a salt water pool?

Is adding water a possibility?

What do you do when your pool has too much water?

for above ground pool you can lower by running filter on waste; or simply disconnect the return hose from filter and attach a long hose to lower water.

What is the purpose of Balancing tank in a swimming pool?

If you have a deck level pool or spa (water level with the top of the pool, that usually overflows into a grating around the pool) when people get into the pool their body displaces water, this water is stored in the Balance tank until the people get out and the water is pumped out of the balance tank and back into the pool. A skimmer pool that has a lower water level than the top of the pool does not need a balance tank as the displacement is handled by the water level rising. Deck level pools and spas are considered more aesthetically pleasing.

Can you lower the water level for certain depth in overflow swimming pool?


How do you lower calcium level in a swimming pool?

You have to drain the water down and add fresh water in the pool. Try not to use so much calcium hypocrite (Shock) in the pool because this could be why your level is high.

How do you Lower PH Level in pool water?

Add Muriatic acid to the water. CAREFULLY

Why does the spa water lower when the pool pump turns off and why does the spa water level go down while using the spa if the spa water is approximately 16 inches above pool water level?

The check valve between the spa and the pool is defective.

Why does the water level in a winterized covered pool keeps getting lower?

Either evaporation or leaks.

How do you lower cynaruic acid in your swimming pool?

The only way to lower your cya level in your swimming pool is to partially drain your pool and fill with fresh water that will lower it or if you want to lower it to almost nothing completely drain your pool and start over but keep in mind chlorine tablets will raise your CYA level More information in the related link below.

What do you add to lower the pH level in the pool?

Muriatic Acid lowers the pH level in a pool.

How do you lower calcium hardness in pool?

If the calcium is a result of pool chemicals, draining some or all of the pool water will lower the calcium hardness level. If the cause is the fill water, commercial hardness reducers or chelating agents will bond with the calcium to keep it trapped in solution.

How do you lower pH level in pool?

You can lower the PH level by using this stuff called PH Down. Go to a local pool store and ask about it.

I live in Memphis Tn and I would like to know if you think my pool has a leak or is this normal evaporation My pool is 10 x 32 by 4 feet deep is this normal or do I have a leak?

A good way to see if you have a leak in your pool is to # take a bucket and fill it with water from your pool. # mark it at the water level. # mark the pool at the water level. # wait a few days if there is no leak in the pool then the water level in the bucket should have reduced by the same amount as the water level in the pool, however if the water level in the pool has gone down more then the water level in the bucket you have a leak in the pool or in the pipes around the pool.

How many gallons of water should a swimming pool lose daily?

That all depends on the size of the surface of the pool the amount of people going in and out of the pool etc. To see if a pool is leaking take a bucket of water out of the pool, mark the water level of the pool and the water level in the bucket. Then leave the pool and bucket alone for a day or two. if the water level in the pool has gone down more then the water level in the bucket then there is a leak or water is being removed in some way. If the levels are the same then the water lost is a result evaporation.

Can baking soda lower the pH level in my pool?

No it will raise the pH level. You would use it if your pool was too acidic.

Can you lower Ph level in above ground pool with borax?

No. You can raise the PH level in your pool with Borax. I use it.

Checking for leaks in a swimming pool?

If you want to know if your pool leaks. # Take a bucket of water from the pool. # mark the water level of the pool. # mark the water level in the bucket. # check to see how much the water has gone down after a couple of days in the pool and n the bucket. # If the level in the bucket is closer to the mark then the level in the pool there is water being lost some where. If there is no difference then there is no leak. The surface water on the bucket evaporates at the same rate as that on the pool, so the should stay the same.

How do you lower the water level of a swimming pool?

Most pools have a backwash function in the filtration system that is connected to a drain line. It is normally used to remove debris from the filter . It actually uses water from the pool to do it thereby removing water.

How do you lower pool pH?

You can lower pool pH by adding muriatic acid. Monitoring pH levels in a pool is important for health and water clarity.

My fiberglass pool has lost about 2 feet of water since I put the cover on it. What could be the problem?

Check to see if there is a leak in it. You can do this by taking the cover of the pool and marking the water level, then take a bucket of water mark the level on it. place the bucket next to the pool and leave it there for a few days. if the level in the pool drops the same as the level in the bucket then the reduction of water is the result of evaporation. however if the level in the pool drops more then the level in the bucket you are loosing water somewhere.

How do you reduce the salt level in a salt water pool?

Dilution is the only way to reduce the salt level in your pool. The pool should be tested to determine the current level of salt. The amount of gallons the pool holds and the desired salt level will help you determine how much water needs to be drained out of the pool to allow the addition of fresh water to complete the dilution process.

How do you drop the water level of my swiming pool?

To drop the water level, take water out. This can be done using whatever method you use to drain the pool. If the water level is too high only when there are people or pool toys in it, check the maximum capacity of the pool, and make sure it is not being exceeded.

If you urinate in a pool does the water level change?

yeah, just a bit thoughIf the pool has no water level control then yes