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Exercise at least 30 minutes 3-4 times a week, try to eat mostly lean protein at dinner (Chicken breast, fish, at dinner time. Multiply your weight by 12; that will give you the amount of calories you need just to maintain it.

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Q: How do you maintain your weight at 51-years-old?
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Why should you maintain your weight if you have hypertension?

we should maintain our weight if we have have hypertention by eating less

What is a sentence using the word maintain?

I had to maintain a good weight.

How can one maintain an ideal weight?

The best way to maintain one's ideal weight is to maintain a steady exercise program and eat healthy food. Avoiding stress can also play an important role in maintaining weight.

How many calories does it take to maintain a weight of 195?

Maintaing a certain weight, regardless of that weight, is about balancing your calorie intake with your calorie expenditure. If you expend as many calories as you eat, you will maintain your weight.

How man calories are needed for a kg weight per day to maintain same weight?

To maintain your weight you simply need to expend the same amount of calories that you intake.

Is herbalife product available in srilanka?

yes absolutly, its available, who have interest to maintain our body, weight lose, weight maintain, or weight gain, just call 0091-9600174777, 0091-8122525587.

What would I know about life before and after surgery weight loss?

Just be prepared you will need to maintain your weight and even though you had weight loss surgery it can build back on. This website can show you how you can maintain your weight after the surgery.

Using an Online Calculator to Form a Weight Control Diet?

A weight control diet is essentially one that helps you maintain and keep track of your weight. It is meant to give you better control and a tighter grip over your weight. However, you might not be sure of what you should be eating to maintain your weight. A great way to figure out your recommended caloric intake to maintain your weight is to use an online calorie calculator. You will generally have to provide your gender, weight and height, and you'll receive an estimated amount of calories you should be consuming a day to maintain your weight without losing or gaining!

What is the mission statement for Weight Watchers?

help people reach and maintain a healthy weight

Do you should gain weight or maintain it?

It is best to maintain your weight at a healthy level [not to low or high] ask your doctor what a good weight for you is. Sometimes if you have a low weight for your age and height you need to gain weight, but if you weigh to much you should lose weight. So your best be is to ask your doctor about your weight and see what you need to do!!

How do you maintain on Weight Watchers?

They provide a maintenance program.

How do you use maintain in a sentence?

Once you worked hard to lose weight you have to maintain it so it stays that way.

How much weight will concrete lose after it cures?

After weight loss, it is your responsibility to maintain your weight. It does not mean that when you achieved your target weight, you can to go back to your old ways. To maintain weight, you have to do keep doing what you did as before. In this way, you can adjust the amount of food you eat and exercises just to keep at a typical weight you desire.

How do you maintain weight in sports?

loose weight or dont eat much and exercise more in sports

How many points can you eat to maintain your weight on weight watchers...Is there a formula for that after you have lost your weight?

Yes. Weight Watchers's Maintenance Program can help you with that.

Why does eating oatmeal help maintain a persons weight?

It helps maintain a diet because it is low in callories and it is grains

IS it ok to smoke marijuana if it helps you maintain weight?


What is healthy to eat for a dancer to maintain her or his body weight?


How many carbs can you consume to maintain your weight?

150 lbs

How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight?

How many calories does a 110 pound woman need a day to maintain her weight? Like 1500 calories..

How many calories per day must be consumed to maintain 140 pounds?

1740 calories per day to maintain a weight of 140. (Weight x12= calories per day)

Which brands of cereal help to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

The brands of cereal help to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight would be Special K, Bran Flakes or Raisin Bran. They are low fat, low sugar and the bran helps you keep regular.

Weight Watchers how to find your live time membership in Weight Watchers?

to become a lifetime member, you must hit your goal weight and maintain that weight for six weeks.

How can you stop heart diseases?

by not smoking and you can maintain a healthy weight and excersise...! ^_^

How many calories do you have to eat to maintain a weight of 124 lbs?