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Live messenger changed to Skype. To remove names that are stored, Quit Skype. Hold the Windows key and click R. In the box that comes up type:


Delete all unwanted usernames.

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Q: How do you make Windows Live Messenger 2011 remember my ID only?
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How do you send windows live messenger icons to people without windows live messenger?

You cant send send messenger icons without using windows live messenger..

Can you play ames on windows live messenger 2011?

yes you can but only when our talking to somebody

Hbks email address on windows live messenger?

He doesn't have windows live messenger

Is windows live messenger free?

Yes, Windows Live Messenger is a free program.

How do get msn plus?

MSN Messenger Plus! is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger and Skype. It can be downloaded for free through the Msgplus website. You need to have the latest version of Windows Live Messenger for it to work.

Where can one find the download link for Windows Live messenger?

The download link for Windows Live Messenger can be found on the Windows Live Messenger homepage. If you click on it, it will give you instructions to follow.

How do you Skin windows live messenger?

If you install Windows Live Messenger Plus you can download skins and use them.

Is windows live messenger free with meteor?

Windows live messenger is free to everyone. It has nothing to do with your mobile network.

How do you get windows live messenger?

Type into google: Windows live messenger. Then fill in all the details. If you want the actual icon, then try and download the program. You can do this by typing in to google: windows live messenger download.

Can yahoo messenger talk to windows live messenger?

Yes, if you have Yahoo messenger and someone else has windows live, you can add them on your instant messenger contact list and you will be able to talk to them.

Is windows live messenger compatible with yahoo messenger?


What is the difference between windows live messenger and MSN Messenger 8.1?

Version 8.1 is windows live. Version 7 and previous ones were MSN Messenger.