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Q: How do you make a call to UAE via internet?
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From where to buy best dry fruits online in UAE?

Now, Buy Dry Fruits Online in UAE via Quoodo Those with a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection can buy dry fruits online from us without needing to visit a crowded supermarket. Our services, including that of free home delivery, and the option to make payment in your preferred mode (in cash or via card) is sure to make your shopping experience truly fulfilling. Thinking of placing the next order for your favorite dry fruits via Quoodo? Why wait? Get the Best Dry Fruits Online in UAE delivered right at your doorstep by placing your orders via our website/ app. Prepare your favorite dishes with our dry fruits and enjoy them with your family and friends from the comfort of your home!

What does Voice over IP allows you to do?

It allows you to call and talk like cellphones and telephones via internet.

What configuration is used to phone over the internet?

This is known as Voice Over IP, or VoIP. With this, your phone is connected to your Internet-connected computer. When you make a call, your computer translates it to IP(Internet Protocol). It then sends that call out via the Internet. If the recipient has VoIP as well, the process works in reverse for them to receive the call. If the recipient doesn't have VoIP, your call goes to a translation device near the recipient. The device then takes the data, translates it back to a normal voice call, and sends it to the recipient through standard phone lines.

Is it illegal to make threats via the internet?

Yes it is. As well as over your phone calls.

What is Sell Business in UAE?

The platform provides a service to sell a company or buy a company via the Internet, where our consulting team works diligently to fulfill your requests using artificial intelligence techniques and big data to make the journey of buying or selling a company simpler, easier and more private.

How do I get XM Satellite Radio transmission in UAE?

You can get it via wifi, the satalite doesn't cover Dubai

What is a person who uses the internet called?

A prolific internet user might called a surfer or web surfer.

Is an iPad a cellphone?

No, it's not... There is no app built in to phone with. You can install software (apps) to call via IP (voip) like Skype. But to make phone calls with these apps, you always need an Internet connection. Raf

Do Macs suck the internet out of the air?

No, they get to the Internet via a network cable or via a local WiFi connection.

What does INET on a bank statement mean?

Transaction via internet Banking

How long does it take from Philippines to UAE?

It takes nine hours on a direct flight via Emirates Airlines.

Are the web server the internet and a webpage are three interdependent elements?

No, webpages are simply data that is stored on webservers and your browsers are the tools to call them up when requested via the internet. You can say that the internet and a web server are two interdependent elements.