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How do you make a chapati?


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Chapati or chappathi as it is called from the North Indian continent, that includes Pakistan. It is usually made of residual atta ( atta is wheat flower with more bran, as some portion is taken out to make semolina from it, sometimes refined wheat flour for cakes and breads are removed first)

Residual atta wheat flour is not available every where, then simply use wheat flour, whole wheat flour recommended.

Make dough out of it, remember that 50 grammes of wheat flour make a chapathi.

First make dough.

Two cups of flour will need 3/4 cup of water in the first place. add salt to taste, knead well.

Let it ferment for one hour at room temporature, if you are in a cold country where it will freeze start working on it, need not wait.

Make small balls, dust the balls with flour so that it will not stick to the rolling pin. use a flat surface and rolling pin to make round chapathi.

Chpathi is cooked or baked with out oil on a flat pan. turn it over the pan when you see small bubbles forming on chapathi and wait until it gives out a malted smell.

This is kind of unleavened flat bread, people eat it with lentil meat, fish or what ever.

I love to eat it with sliced onions, as substitute for vegetables.

Should be eaten warm, or you need to keep it warm in any insulated container. Cold chapathi will feel like rubber when you bite into it.