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First, you rip off two pieces of Duct Tape a little over 6" long. Then, put them horizontally and put an inch of the sticky side on the non sticky side of the other piece. Repeat. Then take the two giant pieces and put the two large sticky sides together. Repeat once again and you will have your two sides. Then connect those two pieces with duct tape on the bottom and on the two sides. And there you have it.

Alternate method.

First make 3 strips of duct tape, each slightly longer than a dollar. Lay one sticky side face up and lay another one on top of it also sticky side up, overlapping each other by about a centimenter. Then lay the third on top as well. Repeat this process a second time so you now have two large strips of duct tape. place one sticky side up and then place the other sticky side down on top of it. You should now have one large strip of duct tape with no sticky side at all. Repeat this entire process again so you now have two large non-sticky strips. Now, cut 12 peices of duct tape slightly smaller than half of the peices you previously made. Again, put them sticky side together so there is no sticky showing. You should now have two long strips and 6 shorter ones. Place the long one flat on a table. place a smaller piece on top of it to the left half of the strip close to the top. Tape it in place by using half a strip of duct tape to tape the bottom. Bottom only for now! Place the second smaller strip beneath the first so that only the top of the first is showing. Once agin, tape into place with half a strip of duct tape on the bottom. Do this one more time with a third. Then repeat this process to the oppostie side. Now, use another half strip of duct tape and place it directly down the middle of the long strip, which should partially secure the six smaller peices. Then, place this entire assembly on top of the other long strip and use a piece of duct tape to tape the right, left, and bottom sides. Make sure to leave the top open! This should also completely secure the six small strips. These will be card holders and the opening between the two large strips are for bills. Enjoy your wallet!

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Q: How do you make a duct tape wallet?
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