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How do you make a gas scooter go faster without buying any new parts?

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βˆ™ 2011-09-13 05:18:33

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Two things right off the top, first add holes to your airbox cover inlet so the engine gets more air, and pull the baffle from your muffler and add holes and shorten about 3 inchs. Or if its welded stick a long 3/8 drill bit down the muffler outlet and add a hole. I would say you could slightly increase the main jet hole size in the carb and readjust the needle but that's not for noobs.

good luck

2011-09-13 05:18:33
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Q: How do you make a gas scooter go faster without buying any new parts?
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Will an electric blower that blows air into the air intake make a 43cc scooter go faster?

Yes it will make the scooter go faster, but you could run the chance of blowing parts in the moter if you do so

Can an electric scooter be converted to a gas scooter?

Yes but after buying all the parts and fabbing all the pieces it would be easier to just get a gas scooter.Unless you really need to do it then good luck.

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Where can one purchase Chinese scooter parts?

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How do you make a bladeZ 35cc goped go faster without breaking it?

The bast way is to trade it in and get a real Go-Ped brand powered scooter. Nevertheless, changing engine parts for aftermarket performance engine parts is the best way unfortunately there is not a lot available for model you have. There are a ton of aftermarket Go-Ped parts available.

Where can you build a custom scooter?

at a scooter factory or find some parts and build it your self

Where can you get parts for your DBX gas scooter?

Where to buy push scooter parts?


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How do you make a scooter go faster?

buy performance parts like a performance gear sproket, a performance air filter, or a performance exaust system. hope this helps!

Are Replacement parts still available for Variflex Strada scooter?

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Where could a person buy Vespa scooter parts?

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How can you mod a 50cc petrol scooter to increase speed other than just removing the restrictor?

go to forum, there is a great deal of info from other riders on what works and what dont work on increasing speed. do your homework before you start buying performance parts. go to you will find performance parts here, and you can ensure that they will fit your scooter before purchase. awesome article on making your Chinese scooter go 50mph!

Where in christchurch can you buy stunt scooter parts?

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How can you make your CRF 100 faster without aftermarket parts?

go down a big hill

What performance parts do you need to make 49cc scooter go faster?

Answeru can put in a big bore kit or a rocket key to make it faster NAAAAGGGHHTTTTTWhat you have to do is strap a rocket to your back and lean forward. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DONT TURN THE ENGINE ON!!!

Where to get pro scooter wheels online?

I would say would be the best place to get pro scooter parts online.

Where in Jerusalem can you find spare parts for a Vespa scooter?

* online

What is naphtha used in?

It is used to clean my scooter motor parts

Where can I find Schematics for a baccio scooter?

The schematic for a baccio scooter can be found in a spare part shop for scooters like the Monster scooter parts shot which has all the available part for the bike.

Can you help you just got a alpha-sports kaliber ls scooter and you want to make it go faster without buying upgrade parts what can you do?

If you take off the exhaust from the manifold theres usaully a washer there . By taking that washer off you are letting more gases escape therefore making it go faster but make sure that you dont accidently remove the gasket aswell . The gasket is the black rubber piece that stops the exhaust from letting the gases out from where it is connected to the engine . If you do you will here the engine alot more and it is not googd for the exhaust and the engine metal to be touching .

Do you need bearings for a scooter?

Bearings in a scooter are a great idea. A scooter without bearings will work. For a short time. Then the point where the stationary (none turning) part touches the turning part will begin to got hot from friction and bind or will wear away so round parts will be flattened. Then the scooter will stop working well. Then the scooter will stop working at all. Lubrication the area will make it last longer but the result will only be delayed. Properly designed and installed bearings between rotating and non-rotating parts are amazing things. They will roll between and with both parts reducing friction and wear so much that it can last years longer.