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How do you make a girl to be your friend?

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Just be your self. Making friends with a girl is no different than making friends with a guy. Just be kind to her and act as you were making friends with a guy.

Also Complement her on how she look some times if you dont want to go out with them.

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Can you make a girl friend in GTA IV?

You cant make a girl friend but you could go to tonys nigth club and get a girl friend to make out whit

How do you make a girl friend?

I don't think you can make a girl friend. You can find one, But not make one.

How do you make friend who is a girl but she does not want to be my friend?

You have to impress her and not be an idiot

How do you make a girl to be your girl friend but she doesn't talk to you?

Talk to her more, become her friend and see what happens from there

How do you make a stranger my girl friend?

ask her out

Who to make a friend with a nice girl?

be nice to her :)

How do you make a girl a friend?

In order to make a girl your friend, be friendly. Smile, say hi, and start a conversation. These are the first steps to becoming friends.

How do you make a girl like you if she don't like you even if you nice?

TO make a girl like you,you have to get out of the Friend Zone, because if you don't, she will only see you as a friend.

How do you make your best friend girl make out with me?

You can not make your best friend, who is a girl, make out with you. You need t find out if she is interested in more than a friendship. If she is, you can start dating and see where things go.

How do you make girl friend if she already have boy friend?

1) Become friends with girl 2) Find way to make girl dumb her boyfriend 3) Be the shoulder for her to cry on 4) Get into her pants

What if your girl friend is mad at you what do you do?

Tell her to make you a sandwich

What to say to an angry girl friend?

make me a sandwich

What can you talk about with a girl to make her like you as a friend or then more then a friend?

tell her how nice she looks

You like this girl but she is going out with your best friend what do you do?

Try to make your friend look bad.

What is the meaning difference between the words girlfriend and girl friend?

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

How can you make a girl your friend?

well...if ur a girl, its no problem... but if not, just talk to her and be nice :)

How do you make a boy break up with his girl friend to like another girl?

be nice

How can you make an Indian girl your friend?

By being nice to her! Duh!

How do you make a girl respect her froend?

Froend? Do you mean friend?

How can you make your girl friend laugh?

Show her the size of your penis.

How do you make things rite with your girl friend after argueing?

Have sex

What can your make for your friend?

Girl: friendship bracelet boy: chocolate

How do you propose a girl when she is our close friend?

make a sexy time

What does it mean if you have a boyfriend but and his friend is flirting with you and he has a girl friend who is also your friend?

means nothing unless u make it into something

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love