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This will usually require a photo editing program (such as Photoshop, or Paint Shop Pro. For a free one, try GIMP). Some cameras have a feature to do that, while others don't, but the fastest way is to use a computer.

Basically, open up the picture, and open the layer palette. Your picture should be the Background, or Base, Layer. Duplicate this layer, and then go to Layer>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation/Lightness OR Color>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation/Lightness. Then, slide the saturation bar to 0, and press okay. Now, take your eraser brush and erase the areas you want color.

Another way is to open up your picture, and add a new layer. Fill the new layer with either white or black, and then set the layer blend mode to Color or Saturation. Everything should be in greyscale. Now, take your eraser and erase the area(s) you want in color.

Hope that helped!

Another way to complete this in Photoshop or the Gimp is to use a selection tool. The magic lasso works well for areas that are not polygonal or circular. Select what you want to keep in color, then click Select>Invert. At this point, everything that you want black and white should be selected. Next go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and bring the saturation slider all the way to the left.

.... go to this site, it will give you a program for under $20.


A step-by-step easy-to-understand illustrated example of this technique using Photoshop Elements: http://www.photoxels.com/digital-Photography-tutorials/tutorial-color-accent/

And still ANOTHER way requires two layers. This is good for photos where you want one thing to be in full color, and everything else to be b&w.

Bring up your image, open the layers palette and duplicate the layer with the image on it. Convert the file to CMYK mode, and hide the top layer. Choose the bottom layer, select all, cut, then switch to the Channels palette. Select the black channel only and paste. This creates a grayscale image.

Now, hide the bottom layer and show the top one. Use whatever selection tool you like to select the thing you want to keep, then invert the selection, feather the selection, and delete. Feathering gives a slightly soft edge, which looks good. Now, you have a colored thing with a feathered edge floating in a sea of nothingness.

Finally, show the top layer and flatten the image. If you're going to use the file online, convert to RGB.

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What color do teal and purple make?

The colors teal and purple make a blueish gray color.

What color combinations make gray?

black and white adding another color will make grey with a shade of that color but B&W will be neutral gray.

What colour does gray and orange make?

gray and orange will make an ugly muddy color

What color does white and gray mixed with red and green make?

White and gray together will make a lighter gray. Red and green will make a brown. Light gray and brown together will make a neutral color, also called greige or a greyed brown.

What color does blue gray and brown make?

Blue gray and brown would make a grayed brown color. It would be a very muddy neutral. The blue would make it a cool color.

What color black and gray make?

really dark gray or light black

What basic color and green make gray?

Gray is made by mixing black and white.

What color does gray and purple make?

Gray and purple mixed together will make a less saturated shade of purple - that just means it is closer to gray than purple.

How do you make gray color?

mix black with white = Grey

How do you make color grey without using black?

You will want to combine equal amounts of all colors from the color wheel. This will make a neutral gray color. You may have to practice it a few times before getting a good gray.

How do you make the color light silver with food coloring?

gray with a little white and some sparkly gray sprinkles.

You are trying to make a volcano and needs it to be gray what two food colorings do you need to make it the color gray?

The only way you can make it gray with food coloring is if the substances you are making the volcano out of is white. You will have to add black food coloring drop by drop until you have the color gray you want. If you can't find black food coloring, mix every color you have together then drip it in. All of the colors mixed together will make black.

What colors make up the color gray?

White & a little black.

What primary colors make grey?

None--- Gray is a value, not a color/hue.

What color can be added to gray to make black?

you can't unless if you add black

Mix gray color and yellow?

If you mix together gray and yellow the result it called a tone of yellow. It is predominately yellow, but the color is less intense. This is a difficult shade to make well because the gray can easily overpower the yellow.

What does yellow and purple make when mixed?

Depending on how much of each color it varies from Brown,Bluish-green,Gray,or dark gray.

What colors makes a mustard color?

Mustard is a dark yellow color. You can make it by adding a little gray to a lot of yellow. Instead of gray, you may want to add a bit of brown.

What two color should you mix to make gris?

Mix white and black together to make the color gris or gray. White should make up most of the mixture at about 70% to get a consistent color.

What color does gray and pink make?

I don't knowfsdhyipink colored grey...

What is the chemical make up of indium?

Indium is a metal, solid, natural, with a gray color.

How do you make the color gray with food coloring when all you have is red blue yellow and green food coloring?

Opposite colors on the color wheel should give you grayish results such as mixing red and green. You can add a touch of blue to achieve a bluish gray or a tad bit of yellow to make a brownish gray.

What colors do you mix with brown to make grey?

Brown is not a part of the color gray. You need white and black to mix gray. If you have brown you can only use it to make different shades of brown.

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